Weight Loss Secrets - Getting Rid Of Those Unlovable Love Handles

by Candice McInnes - Date: 2010-10-12 - Word Count: 577 Share This!

Well, what can one say about those awful rolls of fat we call "love handles"? To me these are the rolls of fat that sit around your waist and hang over the top of your jeans. Having always been pretty thin I found that my waist and stomach would never let go of any weight, and could be really stubborn.

We also tend to think that it is mainly the couch potato that gets these unwanted rolls. This is definitely not the case, as even the most active of people can get them. To get rid of them we do need to change our daily routine, eating better and getting more exercise.

Here are a few tips on how to lose these "love handles", making some lifestyle changes, and adopting some healthier habits.

1) Water
Yes we have all heard about how wonderful water is for weight loss. We need to drink about 2 liters a day. But do we? No, we find all kinds of excuses not to. Remember that drinking the right amount stops water retention (due to excess sodium), helps increase the metabolism (turning stored fat into energy) and suppress the appetite.

2) Diet
Eating the correct foods when you are hungry is very important. Most diets recommend eating 5 times a day and this is a good habit to get into. Start introducing whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean meat into your diet. This will help reduce your fat intake. Reducing your sugar intake is also a great help in removing your love handles. Try introducing at least 3 low fat dairy products into your new eating habits as well, as these help reduce the fat we carry on our abdomen.

3) Calories
Yes, we do have to reduce our calorie intake. This is probably the worst of all. Try replacing your fat and sugar intake with low fat dairy, greens and fibers. Try eating fruit if you are missing sugar, as this is a natural form of sweetness. For the beer drinkers out there it is only bad news. Alcohol goes straight to the love handles. Monitoring your eating and drinking habits sensibly will assist in the loss of the extra weight around your waist.

4) Exercise
Yes, this is where we get off the couch. This is the most important tip of all. We do need to start using those muscles, and I have listed a few abdominal exercises below. Do remember though, it doesn't really matter what form of exercise that you do. Any form of exercise is good for you.

Abdominal exercises to assist in getting rid of your "love handles"

a) Crunches -
Lie on your back, supporting your neck with your hands
Bend your knees and try touching the opposite knee with your right elbow
Hold for 5 seconds then return to starting position
Repeat using the opposite side
Do this at least ten times per side
Increase the amount as you get fitter

b) V crunches
Lie on your back
Extend your hands and arms into he air
Lift your shoulders off the floor and touch try your feet
Hold for a few seconds, relax back to the floor
Repeat at least 10 times
Increase the amount of V Crunches as you get fitter

So what you waiting for? With a little change to your lifestyle, and some regular exercise, you could get rid of those awful "love handles". How good would it feel to fit back into those skinny jeans, and have no rolls hanging over the waistband?

It's in your own hands to feel good about yourself again!

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