What's Your Usp? Part 2 What Not To Put In

by Cookie Feldstein - Date: 2008-04-20 - Word Count: 727 Share This!

Now that you know what goes into making a great profile, you also need to know what things shouldn't go in there.

After all the wonderful stuff you say about yourself, don't shoot yourself in the foot by adding anything that could obliterate the great you in one fell swoop. Think of it as putting ketchup on sushi! Arrgh! You wouldn't do that now, would you? Well, it's the same thing with your profile. You don't want to inadvertently add something that could turn off prospective dates, right?

So take a couple of minutes and read about what you shouldn't put in your profile. Trust me. You'll be happy you did.

Curses and typos
Obviously curses have no place in a profile. That's just crude and coarse and makes people wonder if this is what you're going to sound like in person. Hmmmmm.

I've found a bunch of profiles out there where people don't like to proofread their own work. While most people will ignorre a typo ore mispelling here and thare, if every ohter word is mispeled, well whast does that mak you think? Right!

So, curses and typos are out. "How much more stuff could there be that I'm not supposed to put in?" you might be thinking? For the answer to that, keep reading.

Now, we deem ourselves to be sensible and sensitive individuals (well, most of us anyway) but there are still a few no-no's that I'd like to put out there. Ignoring these no-no's are at your own peril, and probably mean a lot less emails from prospective dates.

I'm sure you can probably think of a few of no-no's off the top of your head, but I'll make it easy and give you a list of the most common faux pas' that are instant turn offs. It's a short list. Try and keep them in mind as you're crafting your story.

The No's
-No expletives (you already know that one).
-No man, woman or ex-bashing.
-No hyperbole about your philosophy of life.
-No minute-by-minute account of your 3-week cruise around the Mediterranean.
-No bragging about how smart, how attractive, how talented, or how wealthy you are - tell it to your dog, but it doesn't belong in your profile unless you want to also show that you're a rather arrogant, vain, or self-centered individual.
-No thinly veiled references to your sexual prowess or numerical references to your horizontal body parts. Please. If that's what you're interested in or what you're looking for, there are websites explicitly for that. But on the legitimate "meet people for dating" sites, no.

Discretion is the most common part of valor or something like that. So if you're so indiscreet about very personal things on a website that millions of people will be reading, and if we're on a date, how can I trust you to be discreet with the things I share with you?

Not a job application
I don't want to spend more than three seconds reading about the list of schools you've attended, what your major and minors were and what your class rank was! This is not a job application for a new graduate. This is a dating profile!

If you want to sound trite, banal, and like the rest of the pack, talk about how you like the wind blowing through your hair on a moonlit night while walking hand in hand on the beach under the stars, or the sound of the rain on the roof and a roaring fire.

Ladies - Do you know how many other funny, fit and happy women there are out there? That's all fine and good, and it might be true, but what else can you bring to the table? Or, how can you say it a little bit differently? A bunch of chocolates casually thrown in a brown paper bag takes on a whole new light when they're individually wrapped and placed in a lovely gold box wrapped with yards of ribbon.

Take a good look at yourself
Okay, now take a look at your profile. Did you find any of these no-no's? If you did, take 'em out. Reword. Don't even think about keeping them in. Yes, seriously. When you're done, put your profile aside and go back to it the next day when you're fresh. And then, if you're satisfied, go ahead and press "submit."

Now just wait for all those messages in your inbox!

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