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by Debbie Deane - Date: 2007-01-25 - Word Count: 1297 Share This!

I was energized to do this wonderful article about the quest for peace in our lives. With a new year upon us and so much discontent in the world, how can peace not be a worthy cause to pursue and hold dearly?

Following the instruction of an old professor on article writing, I started with a couple of family tales that I had tucked away in my journal, but it didn't feel quite right. I thought of my own story. Unfortunately, with my love for simplicity, my story ended up as a one liner. If I need peace I look up, I get it. Some depth, huh?

But that is where the heart of this passage is meant to evolve. For peace to dwell in our daily walk it needs to be more than a one liner, more than just an anecdote. We can have every one of our needs or wants met, but if peace is treated as a fair weathered friend, we will continue to battle with worry, fear, and anxiety. Yet embrace peace, and even in the midst of chaos, our journey is paved in contentment and fulfillment. Inner peace is one of the greatest gifts to receive for those longing for a healthy heart, a calm mind, and a balanced spirit.

John F. Kennedy said, "Peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process, gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures."

Taking his lead, imagine exploring beyond that level of "relief" peace that only comes through worry until we receive our desired result. We have all been there. A mother filled with tears after counting all ten toes and fingers on her newborn. Seventeen years later hearing the front door open late in the evening as their teenager comes home from a concert with friends. A student passing her final by the grace of last minute cramming. The bills being paid for one more month. A traveler leaning on his steering wheel after making it home through four hours of sleet and snow. A doctor giving his patient the news that the lab results all came back negative. A soon to retire employee checking the market each morning to find that his retirement is still safe and sound for another day. But what about those times you don't get the desired result?

What lies in wait for tomorrow, to begin the worry all over again…or just five minutes from now…

If you look back on 2006, there were many disturbing events and distractions that kept inner peace at arms length. Our nation still divided over Iraq, lives struggling to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina, the stem cell research controversy, to just name a few. Take an inventory of your heart and discover what feelings you harbor from past events and distractions that leave you in worry and anxiety. What is hidden away keeping you from peace? Causing turmoil in your family, career, and personal growth?

For me, it is time to welcome more inner peace in my life and nurture my soul to thrive in it.

Today, let's open the first door of possibility in considering peace.

Silence. It's the divine blueprint to unlocking our minds and souls to the companionship of peace. Being still in the moment is fully furnished with warm calmness, faith to grow, and hope to flourish. It's trusting our inner voice to loosen our true selves to achieve the goals and dreams we have for ourselves, our family, and our friends, regardless of those distractions around us. For me, it is also the gateway to a closer relationship with my higher Coach.

So let's try it.

In silence I rest. Not with a good book, a crochet project, or sudoku puzzle. Just with me. And though a simple exercise, resting in silence takes practice for many of us. To just sit and "be" can be a very uncomfortable proposal.

I rest. My brain tells me this concept may not be for me, but I do feel a little lighter in my heart. Then it happens. Too quickly my light heart is burdened with doubts of "what the heck are you doing?"

Can you relate? If so, get comfortable again and focus on your breathing. Imagine a beautiful rain caressing your body and cleansing you from the busyness of your day. Focus on those wonderful light drops splashing into a small creek bed. And breathe. Just breathe. Rest. No expectations, only breathing. This is a great start.

So, I go back to my place of rest.

My toes wiggle under our cool clean sheets. I'm sitting in bed, so I am not tempted by a MASH marathon or the dirty dishes from my latest not-to-be-made-again recipe. Though my eyes are closed, I smile envisioning the lit candle flickering shadows on our bare white walls. We really need to add color to this room.

Oops. There I go again, getting into the "stuff" of my day. I try again; resting in silence. Then it happens. Well, actually fast forward a week and it then finally settles in my spirit.

Peace comes to me as a majestic oak tree. It is very much winter in Colorado and my tree matches the season perfectly. The sun is shining through the bare aged limbs and casts an entangled web on the ground below. I rest in awe of my wonderful tree. No questions of why a tree? What does it mean? Is it the right answer? I just fall into the moment, and be.

Tiffany colors of rich reds, oranges, and gold shimmer through the crevices of the weathered bark beneath the trunk, filling in the shadowed web with a warm glow on the ground below. My gypsy soul becomes translucent, absorbed in its presence.

I watch each season pass with its own beauty and purpose. There are fine green leaves growing in curiosity during the cool breezes of spring, and in summer, they drink in the ancient rings of wisdom from the oak's core and embedded roots. As life experiences go by, my soul takes refuge here and rests. Come fall, leaves of golden Trust, ruby Love, ginger Faith and auburn Hope blanket the ground and swirl around my consciousness, clothing me in more wisdom for my journey, my calling. The amazing cycle begins again in winter with stronger limbs cradling the younger ones for next season's harvest. And at its core, the shimmering glow filters through to keep my sanctuary safe and warm for fellowships to come.

As the seasons of 2007 come and go, where will you find your peace? The peace needed to have full abundance on your journey. The peace that warms your spirit during the trials of war, fluctuations in finances, family challenges, career changes, and the natural cycles our bodies endure in life?

Martin Luther King, Jr. stated, "Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal."

Peace is not a casual universal sign doodled on notebooks and anti-war banners. It's more than your favorite coffee at your beloved café. It is the means to dwell under an array of beautiful leaves. It shades us from the distractions of the day, and yet gives us strength to reach from underneath to explore the possibilities that await us.

Silence is just the beginning. As it grows within you practice reaping its benefits in your daily tasks and interactions with others. What's working? What's not? Continue with meditation and practice. Journal your experiences. The truth of your peace will surface. Find someone you feel comfortable sharing this experience with and have them hold you accountable to your peace.

Venture beyond just wanting "relief" peace. If you want relief, take an aspirin. If you want a cherished journey, a healthier body, a clearer mind and spirit, and a warm companion during the rage of a storm, seek inner peace.

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Debbie Deane is an Inspirational Coach in Greeley, Colorado. Her family, career and life experiences helped nurture her spiritual "get down and dirty" approach when life's chewing gum sticks to the bottom of your "soul". Her passion is to guide others to honor their gifts, discover their true selves, and create legacies to be cherished and shared with others on their journey.

Debbie has been involved in prison ministry, home fellowship, and most importantly, raising a family and sharing the joy, challenges, and personal spiritual growth with her husband and best friend, Greg, of 17 years. Her interests are in motivational speaking, writing, and being outdoors. Oh, and let's not forget, Soy Chai at her beloved café.

Debbie can be reached at or at (970) 371-2649.

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