Proactive Acne Medicine is Not Enough

by Hector Milla - Date: 2007-03-04 - Word Count: 295 Share This!

Your face requires considerable care. Most people want to have a beautiful face, free from pimples, scars, dark spots, and other skin problems. That is why people spend a certain amount of money every time they visit the dermatologist.

Proactive acne is one "face problem" that many people encounter. Acne treatments can take weeks or even months before you successfully remove acne. A week's time is already too long, what more with months. And people do want to get results fast.

There are a lot of proactive medicines. Take a good look at acne medicines and their advertisements. Choose one that says "proactive" from the beginning, because if you choose one that does not treat proactive acne, you can never expect for a good result.

Proactive acne medicines prevent future acne outbreaks, so you can see immediately its results after several days of using the medicine.

But using proactive medicines alone is not enough, it is much better if you can make use of the several proactive acne treatments possible.

A proactive acne medicine can be quite strong for delicate skin. You can use chamomile for a speed healing process and reduce the itching sensation.

You can also use a chemical or derma peel; they come in light, moderate and heavy. The outer damaged skin is peeled away revealing a healthy new skin.

Taking vitamin supplements is also good. Vitamin supplements containing zinc and vitamin E can support your body immune system and helps fight acne.

Try to eat more fruits and vegetables, and cut-back on sweets/sugar. This would be truly effective in conjunction with proactive acne medications.

Your acne problem will disappear quickly if you know even the smallest detail about its treatment. A combination of several proactive acne solutions, as the one mentioned, is far better that one strong proactive acne medicine.

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