Improving The Future For Single Mothers: Obama Scholarships For Moms

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The US economy is going through some tough times, but there are some bright spots that should encourage you to look to the future. By offering Obama scholarships for moms, the government is encouraging women to go to college. Mothers of all types have an opportunity to get a quality education. This will no doubt benefit their families and future employers.

Obama scholarships are made possible by federal Pell Grants. Obama and the government made some changes to these grants to make it easier for moms to go back to school. Unlike before, Pell Grants worth more than $5,000 can be awarded. That makes these grants worth more than $1,000 over the previous maximum. These grants are intended to help low income students, and this includes single mothers in many cases. This fact is reason why the government is encouraging moms to go back to school. Working mothers as well as stay-at-home moms can benefit from having money that helps them attend college.

These grants have other benefits to add incentive for moms to enroll in college. Large colleges and universities obviously attract many students. For a single mom who didn't have this option, it may have prevented her from going to college. However, the Pell Grants will take this into account. These particular Pell Grants make it possible for a working mom to attend college part-time or for a stay-at-home mom to take online courses. From nursing to business to education, it doesn't matter what you want to study. The important thing is not the major but rather that single moms have more opportunity.

An Obama scholarship may be the break a single mom needs to start on a different path. Looking into how to apply for a scholarship is very simple. First, go online to fill out the FAFSA, the application for federal student aid. It's free to fill out the application, plus you can learn plenty of information about aid that is available to you. The American Opportunity Tax Credit program states that the first $4,000 of your education is free, so keep that in mind. Consider this and the possibility of getting a grant when you're weighing your options.

By having the chance to go to college to advance their education, single moms who are working or stay-at-home now have a tremendous opportunity. The chance to receive government grants and other free opportunities are meant to help moms care for their families and increase the money they can earn as important members of the workforce. Obama scholarships are meant to give women the opportunity to improve their own future and that of their family.

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