To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter Summary - Chapter 5

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Jem and Dill's Friendship and Scout and Miss Maudie: Summary of To Kill a Mockingbird - Chapter 5

Jem and Dill become closer friends and start excluding Scout with their games and plots. Scout feels left out and spends more time with Miss Maudie Atkinson. Miss Maudie is their neighbor next door who is a widow and spends most of her time in the garden or in the kitchen baking goodies. She also spends her evening under the twilight sitting at the front porch. She is a childhood friend of Scout's uncle Jack, Atticus' brother.

Miss Maudie's Understanding of Boo Radley: To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter Summary - Chapter 5

Miss Maudie knows a lot about Boo Radley and tells much to Scout, including the reason behind his being a reclusive person. Boo is a victim of her father's cruelty. She also tells her that the stories about him are all lies. Boo is a very nice, polite person. He was friendly when he was still a child.

Jem and Dill's Ice Cream Plan for Boo Radley: To Kill a Mockingbird Plot Summary - Chapter 5

The two boys, Jem and Dill, progress with their plan and ask Boo to have an ice cream with them. They stick the invitation, a small note, in one of Boo's windows by using a fishing pole. Scout no longer agrees with the idea anymore, but they threaten her and she becomes part of the scheme. Atticus catches them. He forbids the children to torment the man or even set foot on his property.

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