How can I become an ESL Teacher?

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First of all, a word about ESL: it means English as a Second Language and is the shorter acronym for the job Teaching English as a Second Language (or TESL). Some people who teach ESL are qualified teachers. Others are simply people who speak English very, very well; may have English as their native tongue; and are willing to teach people who are not native English speakers.

ESL Teaching Jobs

ESL Teacher with the US Peace Corps - Though the US Peace Corps is essentially manned by volunteers, it is possible to get a paying job as an ESL teacher with the US Peace Corps. If you get an ESL teaching job with the US Peace Corps, you will be allowed to live with a host family in the country you are assigned to go to. If you opt for to be this kind of ESL teacher, you will need to be trained by the US Peace Corps in certain policies they maintain for their volunteers who are destined for overseas positions.

ESL teacher at schools - many ESL teaching jobs are offered by regular schools, such as those at the elementary and high school level. You may be destined for foreign countries such as China and Japan, where demand is growing for ESL teaching jobs because of the growing interaction between English-speakers from different countries and those host countries, for business and leisure.

ESL teaching jobs at language schools - these types of schools may be different from the regular schools in that they are devoted solely to teaching languages. Such schools may maintain teachers who specialize in one or more languages, such as ESL teachers, Japanese language teachers, or Chinese language teachers. The demand for ESL teaching jobs fluctuates with the number of students who opt to enroll or inquire at the language school. You may have a job one year, then when the contract ends, you may find yourself out of a job when no new students sign up.

Trainors of ESL teachers - Even ESL teachers or people who think they know everything there is to know about ESL teaching jobs may need a refresher or advanced course in ESL teaching from time to time. If you are very, very good at English grammar and vocabulary skills, then you might qualify to become a trainor for ESL teachers. Language schools maintain trainors to maintain the quality of their services. This is why ESL teachers have to be qualified for their job - to keep up the quality of the teaching service.

Administrators of language schools - If you have had a level of experience in teaching English as a Second Language, and also know how to manage ESL teachers, then perhaps you could find an administrative position somewhere. Even language schools need capable administrators who know the demands of the ESL teaching jobs and also the demands of an administrative position at a language school. Your best bet could be to apply with schools which are planning to open international operations, such as large universities and colleges.

ESL teaching jobs are opening everywhere it seems but not all are legitimate. Practice caution - investigate the background of the organization before you submit your resume. Eventually, you will find the right type of ESL teaching jobs for your qualifications.

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