Revenge Of The Fallen Transformers

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Are you fond of science fiction movies? There are lots of science fiction films that are made these days. You might have heard about the revenge of the fallen transformers which released in the year 2009. This was an action film and was a sequel to the transformers which released in the year 2007.

The makers of the film have announced a transformers trilogy and this movie is the second film of the trilogy. The film starts two years after the first part ended. In this movie the autobots have found their home in the NEST.

The NEST is actually a military unit which is secret and is used to destroy the decepticons that are still alive. Autobots and decepticons are the two groups of transformers who are bent on destroying each other.

While on a mission the autobots destroy two of the decepticons but while they die they promise that the fallen will surely rise again and will destroy the autobots. This is the actual plot of the film and the storyline on which the film revolves. After the film released the transformer toys were the first to become a hit.

They were a constant hit from May 2009 to early 2010. The pictures of the transformer toys were available on the internet since late 2008. Other than these toys the transformer games too became popular. These games are widely available on the internet.

You can either play them online or you can even purchase them from the internet. This movie released all over the world in various languages. The name of the movie differed according to the language in which it released.

There were different kinds of characters present in the film. There were autobots, the decepticons, humans and others. The main casts of the movie are optimus prime, bumblebee, skids, the fallen, megatron, soundwave, ravage, Sam witwicky, Mikaela Banes, professor Colan and many more.

Other than this, there were characters called the appliancebots and the seven primes. Lots of people were excited about the revenge of the fallen transformers after they had seen the first film. There were certain critics whose opinion about the movie was not too good.

But still for many viewers it survived as a good action movie. In this movie the autobots, the US army as well as the humans joined hands to get rid of all the decepticons from the earth.

The plot is not very much different from the first movie. In both the movies the good and bad guys fight against each other and the mission is to get rid of the enemies. They are actually fighting for some power which will help them rule the world.

The characters used in this movie are almost similar to those used in the first movie. The transformer figures too became popular after the movie released. Other than the kids young people too were fond of these figures and the transformer toys. The film even had certain errors which were pointed out by the critics.

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