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by John Stableforth - Date: 2007-02-22 - Word Count: 327 Share This!

I remember working as a kitchen porter washing the dishes for the head chef, always with a smile. I wanted to be in the kitchen with the chefs, one of the big boys. I still remember the day when the head chef called me into his office and said I was being moved into the Kitchen, I could have jumped over the moon in one jump. Here's the funny bit about the whole thing, from that minute I took a pay cut.

How many of you have been in the same boat, taken a step back to take two steps forward later on. I bet thats lots of people that have, the only problem being once you've taken your two steps forward you forget all about them. Now don't get me wrong there are a lot of people working out there that aren't thinking about promotion or that far into the future, but those people aren't that hard to spot.

lets look at a few facts:

When employees were asked to list what actually motives them, they came up with 8 things. Now I'm going to put them into an order that most people think it would look like, then I will put them how the employee saw them

1) Salary 2) Bonuses 3) Holidays 4) Interesting work 5) Responsibility 6) Feedback 7) Training 8) Respect

Ok would you go along with that or not, just have a think before you read the real answers

Here's what they said:

1) Interesting work
2) Responsibility
3) Feedback
4) Training
5) Respect
6) Salary
7) Bonuses
8) Holidays

Isn't it funny how the money is right at the bottom and all the things that you were looking for all those years ago are at the top. Try and remember this when you are working with your staff or trying to get your manager to motivate your staff. Its not always about the money.

You should also keep it in your head that happy staff mean's busy business.

John Stableforth

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John Stableforth

A top chef in the UK for some years, where he won many awards for his cooking. He then moved to the management sector where he ran many outlets for large companies and also outlets of his own. John now likes to help others in and out of the catering trade to increase their profits and life style.

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