Colour Energy by Inger Naess

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The first two chapters of Colour Energy (Colour Energy Corporation) delve into author Inger Naess's perspective (as well as some facts) about energy, God, light, chakras, living, dying, and the importance of living in the present moment. All of this is information found in other books, but still serves as a good overall background for those who are new to this type of material.

Naess says there are two aspects of ourselves: the negative side which includes anger, fear, slyness, falseness, and so on, and our positive side which includes happiness, love, joy, charity, kindness, etc. She says we live most of our lives in a "balance zone," that tips back and forth between the positive and negative.

Again, nothing earth shattering as far as information goes, but as Naess digs deeper into the subject material we learn that "light is energy and colour comes from light." If we want to express our positive nature more often, it is important to know what color is most beneficial to us for raising our personal energy.

Naess claims that no one is just one color, but rather a "rainbow" of colors, and we all use different "colour fuel" based on our personalities and characteristics. There are seven separate colour energies:








By discovering which color dominates your personality, Naess says you can figure out why you react as you do in different situations. Or why certain colors make you feel blah and yuck, and others make you feel good about yourself. Naess includes a simple test designed to uncover your personal color.

Once you discover your color, this book gets very interesting. In no-nonsense language, Naess lays out the personality, traits, strengths and weaknesses inherently found in the people associated with each of the colors and its corresponding chakra location.

This is where Naess shines as an expert. As a former nurse and interior designer, I found her assessments and tips relevant and believable. Assessments include everything from sex, health issues, money, success, careers, and relationships. Tips include what careers you may find most appealing and "right" for you, the ideal relationship colour match, what clothes you should wear, what food and drinks empower you, what colors you should use in your home, affirmations for each of the color personalities and more. She also lists the positive and negative characteristics of each color as they apply to the individual.

I found this book extremely helpful for gaining insight into why I think and react as I do, and why others think and react as they do. Once you know your primary personality color, it is much easier to surround yourself in those colors that promote healing, inspiration, and peace, while avoiding the colors that bring you down or agitate.

Naess is also the owner of Colour Bath and devotes an entire chapter to her business. This lengthy plug, and the one that requests money to receive a personal Colour Energy chart, is the reason for a 4-star rating. The questions at the back of the book come off as a tease and this reader was disappointed that this valuable information wasn't included. But in all fairness to the author, it looks as if the Colour Energy Corporation published the book and the publisher is certainly entitled to print what she will. It's her dime, after all.

Overlooking that minor quibble, this is a read well worth the while for anyone who wants to know more about how color, light, and energy influence their lives. It also promotes understanding for other people's behavior, reactions, and choices by intimately delving into the psyche of each of the seven personality colors.

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