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PC Phone Solutions is a well known form of calling service all over the world. The user just needs a computer on which one can install the PC to Phone dialer. The softphone is more or less a software that has an interface that is similar to that of a telephone. This phone has a keypad where one can input numbers. There are also text-boxes where one can include the Account ID, the Pin as well as the dial and disconnect numbers. It is made feature rich and users find in them a marvelous device to make calls from computers sitting at home.

There are various benefits of the PC Phone solutions. It offers high voice quality even if there is low bandwidth internet connection. The users also remain satisfied with the voice quality. The parameters of Voice are handled effectively. These parameters include Echo cancellation, jitters, Noise supression, buffer management and packet delay management. This network works in mobile card and internet connections. The PC to Phone solutions can also be used in dial ups, broadband or other kind of internet connection. This is what makes the system so fascinating. This system works in blocked SIP ports too. It is a good means to work beyond the limitations of NAT or Firewalls. The users get the freedom to utilise multiple cards in a single computer.

The PC phone solutions work under various web interfaces. This is because the users can create unlimited resellers under them. It also help to edit every detail of the reseller. The users can easily block or unblock a particular reseller. The payments of resellers can also be easily managed by this system. Once payments are being made, it is possible for a customer to view the payment history in details.

The recharging of an account also becomes easy after availing the VoIP network. The users can create unlimited phone account and recharge a PIN very effectively. It is so possible for people to define the validity of a scheme having recharged the SIM. Online recharging is also possible. This is done by making use of recharge coupons. Moreover, the user gets full information about the recharge rates available, the recharge history and the real time CDRs.

This system of PC to Phone is very useful for the growth and development of business of an organisation. This pc phone can be easily activated and people can use it to access the latest of VoIP phone features. Accessing this phone simplifies life. The connection also costs less as compared to traditional networks.

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