3 Type of Sales Techniques For Internet Marketing

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The internet has changed the way we do business and internet marketing is the new sheriff in town when it comes to selling products and services. There are five steps to becoming an internet marketing millionaire. They are:

1. Drive traffic to your website
2. Convert traffic to sales
3. Cross-sell and up-sell complementary products
4. Continue to increase the amount of traffic to your site
5. Increase your conversion rate

Now that doesn't sound very difficult at all does it. Heck in a month or so you should be a millionaire right? If that's the case and all it takes it these five simple steps, why are 90% of internet marketers never making a sale. Why do affiliates never translate to sales in 90% of the cases. It doesn't matter whether it's Commission Junction, Linkshare, Clickbank or another.

The problem lies in just one area - sales techniques. There are three types of sales techniques you need to know and use if you want your internet marketing to be in the 10% that are successful. Let's have a look at these 3 type of sales techniques for internet marketing

Sales Technique #1 - Feature or Function Based Sales
This type of selling sells the functionality of the service or product. For example. When you purchase a car it has an engine, gas pedal, brake pedal, 4 wheels. The car takes you to and from work and you use the car to bring home the groceries and carry the baby stroller. You can use your car to go on vacations, take the kids skiing, or just go for a relaxing drive. Having a car is great isn't it?

Let's look at another example. You buy a cell phone. It lets you talk with your friends, text message your friends, take pictures, and even listen to music. It works in your home town and across the country.

Last example, you go out for dinner at a high end restaurant and with no reservation you are able to get a table and order a steak for dinner. It tastes delicious, it makes your taste buds water, it fills you up and relieves your hunger pains.

Every one of our examples shows functionality or the function of the product. This is how most sales occur. The salesperson will sell the potential customer on the functionality of the product or service in an effort to get them to purchase. It's the most basic of all sales techniques.

Sales Technique #2 - Benefits Based Sales
This is the second method of selling which uses telling the potential customer what the product or service will do for them. Let's look at our examples again.

In the case of the car it can provide social status, luxury and convenience. In the case of the cellular phone it can provide convenience and connectivity. In the case of the restaurant you must have social influence in order to get that table without a reservation.

With benefits based selling you provide the product or service benefits to the potential customer in a way that makes it difficult not to find it overly appealing and thus necessary.

The difference between technique #1 and technique #2 is that feature based selling is more descriptive than benefit based selling. You must actually understand your product before you can be successful at selling it. Benefit based selling required you to have an excellent understanding of how the product can improve the potential customer's life.

Sales Technique #3 - Engaging Selling
For online internet marking this is by far the most effective and it's also the most interesting technique.

With this technique you are going to engage the potential customer and create a sense of ownership with the product or service. If done right it will compel the visitor to buy. In fact the urge will be unbearable. That's because this method of selling taps uses psychological drives to create an irresistible compulsion to make the purchase. This technique taps into needs, wants, and desires.

For example, the desire for a comfortable, reliable, fast car. The desire to enjoy a delicious meal. The desire to have convenient communication. Or perhaps the desire to become a millionaire using internet marketing.

Remember with your website you have no direct contact with your customer so you must interest, compel, and close the sale all with words, graphics, and videos. These three sales techniques for internet marketing will help you do just that.

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