Anniversary Gift - Forty More

by Allen Jesson - Date: 2007-05-17 - Word Count: 765 Share This!

A poem written for a mother and father for their 40th wedding anniversary. The father retired 6 yrs ago after having his own business (painting and decorating). He has lots of friends, and tends to have plenty holidays abroad - usually 2-3 per year. The mother collects skirts! she must have at least 70 in her wardrobe, so her children tend to take the mick out of her!

They do lots for their children, they are a very close family. The couple always put their family first. They have a good life together, although the father was seriously ill 6 yrs ago he has made a full recovery now. He is very unselfish and will do anything for anyone.

Can not believe it has been so long,
can not believe it has been forty years.
You've had so many happy times,
interrupted by a couple of tears.

Dad, you scared us all,
when you were taken ill.
Gee, you would have left a gap,
would have been impossible to fill.

Obviously, we are glad you made it,
and are living life to the full.
No one could call your life boring,
no one could ever say it is dull.

You seem so happy now,
now that we're fully grown.
Dad goes off with his golfing,
Mum gets left on her own.

And you spend time in your garden,
painting with your flowers,
decorating our part of the world,
creating something that is ours.

You have so many friends,
and love your holidays abroad.
You have been to so many places,
that most people could never afford.

And we are counting the skirts,
there must be seventy at least,
all neatly hanging,
all pressed and never a crease.

So thanks for having us,
now we know what love is for.
Thanks for our years together,
and here is to Forty More.

Copyright Allen Jesson 1998

and here's one from a few years later, this time for a 17th wedding anniversary:

One Of Us

Kelley, as you know I'm not there,
I'm sorry, I'm on some distant sand,
but I just wanted to say "I love you",
and I think these are words you'll understand.

Because I have been 'Blued' for 18 years,
and in that time, I've missed many a special event,
but having said that, you've been there for me,
and I should know, my angel has been heaven sent.

Because you've often taken the load on your own,
your selfless actions have kept the family strong,
and never with any regard to your health or well being,
you've kept the home stable, all along.

You sacrifice every minute of every day,
and always, you are firmly last in the queue,
and Kelley, I just wanted to say "thanks",
yes, I'm very proud of all that you do.

Some say it's the military way,
some have said it's just the military life,
but I know nothing could be further from the truth,
I'm so very proud of my wonderful wife.

Because you always put everyone ahead of you,
and all you ask is my love and respect in return,
but I'm not sure I've expressed that so well,
so all my past efforts, I think I'll burn.

Because you are so much more than a wife,
and I'm going to tell you this before these lines end,
not only are you the love of my life,
yes indeed, Kelley, you are my very best friend.

I consider myself the luckiest man alive,
you and our daughter mean the very world to me,
and I just wanted to thank you for being you,
you've made my world a great place to be.

I want nothing more than to grow old with you,
I want you to see our love etched on my face,
because I'm going to spend the rest of my life with you,
and I promise, for most of it, we'll be in the same place.

But our bond is stronger than anything we know,
even though our relationship was a bit rocky in the start
but Kelley, I want you to know that you're here with me,
we're always connected, no matter how many miles we're apart.

But the longer we're together the more we become alike,
so I think you should give up and stop all the fuss,
come on! Get crazy, cross over to the dark side,
yes Kelley, it's time you became one of us!

But in the meantime, just know that I love you,
in truth, I love you with all my heart and soul,
for with you in my life, I am complete, yes,
you're the one that makes me completely whole.

And tonight, please go outside and look skywards,
and there you will see a twinkling star,
and that will be me, sending you my love,
telling you exactly just how wonderful you are.

So I'll finish by saying Happy 17th Anniversary,
I guess that's really what these words are for,
so here's to you Kelley, you're truly beautiful,
and here's to our everlasting love, for evermore.

Copyright Allen Jesson 2005

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