The MLM "Dino" Days Are Gone

by Jonathan Budd - Date: 2006-12-27 - Word Count: 571 Share This!

Look I did it at first too….I followed what my up-line told me to do. I got people on 3 way calls, I hunted every person I could find, and I worked through friends and family. Guess what it got me? TONS of negativity, but that's not all. It gave me the most valuable and lucrative lessons I have ever received and eventually led me to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

After 6 months and all the people I had signed up not being able to duplicate even signing up one person I realized something was very wrong.

The Problem with the Old School:

I have no problem with warm market marketing. It is ABSOLUTELY essential, and will always produce high quality leaders and excellent business relationships. However….Can the average person make 6 figures+ in this industry off calling 100 of their friends and family?

The very idea is just pure insanity. Who would ever believe all you need to do to create wealth is call 100 people. Ridiculous and god knows how it took close to 40 years for an ENTIRELY different paradigm shift to happen inside some circles of network marketing. But it did….

The problem with the old school is that you preach owning your own business but then apply absolutely NO successful strategies of business ownership. You have people running around who have no idea how to run a business. You have network marketers with no idea how to MARKET.

And that last word is absolutely the key. You see….there is a new day upon us. A day where marketing has NEVER been as simple, cost effective, and down right easy as it is today.

The essence of marketing is attracting people TO YOU. But not just any people….the exact people you WANT to attract to you. Everyone knows the more targeted of market you approach, the better results you have within that target market. Obviously a major drawback of traditional MLM tactics is you are approaching a completely un-targeted market and hoping to find someone who might be interested in what you have to offer.

Contrast that with tapping into markets of people who are already looking for MLM opportunities or already looking to start their own business. What group of people do you think will be more successful long term and short term? You will always find better results in a more targeted market.

So the question becomes….how do I tap into the exact market of people I am looking for? Simple, you master the art of marketing and lead generation. The MASTERS in this industry today have mastered the art of generating endless prospects to talk to, and bringing more of those prospects into their business.

Most people join you for one of two reasons.

1. They see you as a leader. Some one who can absolutely help them get what they want and can guide them in the direction of success.
2. You have a system they believe will help them to be successful.

With those two qualities in place….you will be the one picking who you want to work with. It is the essence of attraction marketing. When you become the one with value to offer others, and they know it, people will be flocking to learn and share in on that value.

The sooner you start learning, the sooner you will be able to teach. Once you can duplicate your knowledge in an MLM type structure, you have created TRUE leverage.

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