Cost Cutting With Nokia 6136

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A masterfully blended extraordinary feature with some moderate set of specifications is how Nokia 6136 can best be described. Let us do away with allegories and talk straight. Nokia 6136 has no outstanding qualification but for the fact that it is capable of UMA & VOIP calls. Before you start questioning my inference of straight talks, allow me to explain these terminologies.

UMA is unlicensed mobile access and VOIP is voice over internet protocol. This implies that Nokia 6136 has something non-parallel in its kitty which empowers this device to make calls over a fixed broadband internet connection chopping heavily on call rates, more so on international calls. So, Nokia 6136 can make call over internet which costs a lot cheaper and this is what makes it special.

On the basis of this understanding, it is very likely that mobile operators who also provide broadband services shall find Nokia 6136 a gadget to stay atop of competition. Apart from this, Nokia 6136 is a moderately balanced mobile phone. GSM Quad-Band technology enables global roaming which at best can be stated be in continuum with the above mentioned feature.

The display quality has nothing much to show-off and talk time of up to 3 h 20 min could have been bettered. Another utility feature of Nokia 6136 is memory upgrade facility through microSD (TransFlash), hotswap provision which in presence of media player capable of playing various formats give music lovers more than a few reasons to rejoice in the company of this device.

As discussed above, connectivity seems to be Nokia 6136's strength and this observation gets strengthened by the inclusion of Wi-Fi technology in data transfer/connectivity column! Though it contains all the commonly found tools in this category, one noticeable omission is Bluetooth. The 1.3 Megapixel camera is very much on the set pattern of things whereas FM radio can't claim any different.

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