Practice Safety First When Using The Internet

by William P. Josephs - Date: 2010-08-23 - Word Count: 401 Share This!

Once you click the enter button or the send button on your computer, whatever your message is, it's out there for the entire world to see. If you want to send a deeply personal message, that's great, but if you hit the wrong button, it's out there for the entire world to do with it what they want to and sometimes that's not a food thing. Social networking can be a great thing to keep in touch with people from long distance but your message if sent on certain networking sites can be seen by people you have never met.

These sites can be good for keeping in touch, but they can also become a distraction and become overwhelming to keep up with. This is especially true for younger kids and especially teenagers. They can't seem to get enough of the social networking sites. They also do not seem to have any trouble or inhibitions with sharing information. They should learn to set limits with the amount of information that they share and they should always keep personal information off the internet.

The whole problem is that once the information or message or, especially photos, are out on the Internet, there is not a thing you can do to remove it from the Internet and it can be severely damaging, especially if it's done by a minor who is putting out photos that are not meant for the entire world. It can be very dangerous and there's nothing you can do.

The point being that you never put anything online that you don't want the whole world to see, because once it is online, it always will be. Having boundaries is important and keeping boundaries is a big responsibility for adults, you can imagine how difficult it is for a kid or a teenager. Teaching them the proper rules and precautions can be the difference between doing the right thing and making a mistake that will be regretted for a long time.

There are so many more ways to get into trouble than there used to be and it seems to be much easier to do. Instead of just getting into trouble hanging out at the mall, you can get online and be anonymous which is almost certainly a recipe for disaster; because being anonymous is one of the biggest negatives of the internet, but is also one of the biggest draws of the internet.

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