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by Shareen Aguilar - Date: 2006-12-08 - Word Count: 362 Share This!

When you're going to France, wouldn't it be nice to speak and talk to people in straight French? It would be a lot nicer and less stressing as well to be able to tell the French people what you really want to say, want to buy, want to eat and want to go. You need to have a basic French learning to be able to understand what the French man is telling you in response to your question.

Paris is a tourist destination all year round. What would it be like if you didn't shop around the streets of Paris because you didn't know how to communicate or at least tell the vendor your preferences? It would be a total waste of time. You don't need to master the French language just because you want to buy a pair of jeans and a shirt from a Paris boutique. All you need to know are basic questions when shopping, questions in asking for the price and your change as well.

When you want to ask for things from the vendor, you always start with the words 'I'd like…' which applies the same with how you should ask in French.

I'd like… = Je voudrais
I'll take… = Je vais prendre

You can also ask if they have something that you want which goes like:

Have you… = Vous avez

When you're done shopping, you will usually hear 'Ce'st tout?' (Is that all?) or Avec ceci/cela (Anything else?). What you just need to remember is these words particularly when you go shopping. When you're asked 'Vouz payez comment?', it means that you're being asked how you will be paying.

Remembering these words means you need to sharpen your memory ability. Take the example below:

In the middle of the wedding ceremony, the 70 year olds usherettes went downtown to buy their own bouquet because they were not allowed to participate for the throwing of the bridal bouquet.

The words usherettes and to buy is linked to the French word acheter. The word usherettes were just used to represent the French word of 'to buy'. The link between the words makes it easier to memorize by utilizing a strange yet silly example such as the one above.

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