Pushkar festivals are a joy for one and all

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Festival means lots of fun, celebration, laughter, happiness, colors, dance, song, merriment and all other sorts of enjoyment. And when a festival is something as wonderful as Pushkar festivals you can imagine how big this is going to be. Pushkar festival is very different from the traditional religious festivals that one celebrates with family and friends. Pushkar festival is a festival where you get a chance to celebrate witness and be a part of the festive spirit of Rajasthan, a state in India, which is famous, allover for the rich cultural heritage. Pushkar is a city located in Rajasthan situated about 11 kilometers away from Ajmer, a place of religious importance to the Muslims. It is estimated that there are more than 400 temples located in Pushkar and it is due to this reason that this is a place that all Hindus hold in special reverence. Pushkar festivals are one of the most renowned festivals that are held annually and this attracts many people.

Anyone who has not been a part of the Pushkar festivals has definitely missed out on enjoying some of the best festivities that one can ever see. Every year when the winter months approach in India, Pushkar festival is celebrated with all the traditional ceremonies that are part of the festivals since a very long time. There are no fixed dates to celebrate the festival, but the dates are selected following the lunar calendar like all the other Hindu festivals. The festival is held in the month of Kartik during the full moon day and traditionally it falls in the month of November. Pushkar festivals are famous all over the world and the main attraction of this festival is the huge number of foreign tourist it draws to witness the event.

The festival is the perfect time for you to witness the rich and varied culture of India where people co-exist without any ill feeling. The religious faith of people along with glimpses of a wonderful culture is there for everyone who is part of the festivities to witness. Therefore, if you have not yet traveled to the beautiful city of Rajasthan to witness these colorful festivities, you must go there just to see the wonderful ambience and festivities that surround the city at that time. There are several tour operators that offer tour packages to tourists to visit witness and be a part of the festivities in Pushkar, so you can easily go there with any kind of hassles.

People from several occupations swarm in tot eh city to enjoy and celebrate the festival. You can find tourists form all over the world enjoying the ceremonies. The cattle market that is put up during the Pushkar festivals is another event that is eagerly awaited by cattle traders and other people as well. You will find the traders negotiating the prices of cattle including sheep, camel, goat, horse and sheep in the market. Pushkar festivals are a wonderful place for you to go if you want to witness the spirit and celebration of festivals in India.

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