Dating Advice for Newbie Swingers

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Swinging is not every couples cup of tea or rather not every couples lifestyle. Swinging started in early fifties in USA. It has since spread all over the world, especially in the developed economies with prevalent loose sexual norms. Conservative or orthodox countries do not openly permit swinging, hence no club or party for swinger there.

Swinging has its reason, which on the surface appears logical and satisfying. Many adult swingers justify swinging, as that in a monogamous relationship sexual gratification may not be possible hence it is fulfilled by sharing sex with other couples. Whether only this reason holds true for swinging or sexual promiscuity also plays a considerable part in it is worth a guess.

This swinger wife swapping lifestyle is practiced in full knowledge of the couple involved. They almost always share sex with other couples together in a swing club or swinger party and often in a private house.

Swinging is attracting many young couples who are seeking this lifestyle for sexual adventure or what not. However, in the heat of sexual excitement they may fail to realize the underlying problems that arise or exist in swinging.

They young couple entering swinging have to be very firm in their decision otherwise it may mar their conjugal ties forever. Swinging can give rise to extreme jealousy. Watching one's spouse engaged in sex with some one else may not be acceptable - after one is already into swinging. Then one may develop aversion to a swinging partner or couple and create dent in their relationship because of the couple's earlier sexual relationship with them

Swinging is for mature swingers couple who can face the burden of multiple relationship with full understanding between them.

They have to be aware of swinger etiquette that is assiduously followed by mature swinger couples. This etiquette governs the behavior or attitude of swinger couple toward each other so as to maintain amicable relationships and continue swinging happily.

Newbie couples who are unsure whether to indulge in swinging or not should preferably, join a swinger club and watch first. They should interact lightly with permissible petting and kissing in the first place. Whence the gravity of wife swapping lifestyle dawns upon them fully and they are ready for it only then they should move in.

The initial brush should be soft swing where the couple indulges in sex in presence of others in same room. Then they should exchange partners and have sex in different rooms. If they wish to continue swinging, then they should swap wives and have sex in the same room or indulge in threesome of foursome sex or go for group sex orgy.

Search for adult swingers in swinger personals of a swinger site if a club is out of your reach. However, take the same precautions as advised above.

Last but not the least practice safe sex. Use a condom always.

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