How to Youtube Your Mobile Video?

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It has become a trend to share mobile videos and images on the Internet. In fact, it is more enjoyable, when others take a look of your pictures and videos. Even you may share your videos on popular site such as YouTube. You may need some techniques to post videos on YouTube.

Many sites allow you to post your creation on internet without any charges. The procedures to share images and videos are totally different. Generally, a small video recording may be of big file size. However, the size of the video clip depends on the device used for recording. For example, if a phone records a one-minute video clip, the file size may be around 500 KB. The video recording software compresses the image and changes the resolution of video at 176 x 144 pixel resolution in 3GP format, which is suitable to watch videos in mobile phone.

However, if you record the same footage with a Digital camera, the file size may be around 10 MB, as the video recording software in digital camera do not compress the image as in mobile phone and the files are saved in AVI format.

Points to Remember:

Many video-sharing sites allow users to upload videos only with the help of Internet Browser. YouTube does not allow users to upload their videos via e-mail. Generally, digital photos are of JPEG format however, videos come in many different formats.

A video recorded from mobile phone is generally of 3GP format. YouTube only allow users to upload videos of WMV, AVI, MPEG and MOV formats. Videos recorded from mobile phones are generally of 3GP format. To upload videos on YouTube, you may have to convert your video using video converting software that you may obtain from the Internet.

Initially, YouTube was not able to convert videos by itself, but the new version of YouTube converts all the popular video formats by itself. This will give you the freedom from video conversion procedures. Ensure that the video you are recording is saved in your phone's memory card. Copy the saved video clip from your phones memory card to your computer's hard disk. If your mobile phone does not have any extendable memory card, then you may copy videos with the help of data cable. You may edit your video with editing software programs such as Windows Moviemaker to adjust the brightness and contrast of your video.

YouTube requires registration to upload videos. Register yourself by providing your e-mail address. After registration, you will have an account, wherein you will be able to upload and manage your videos.

Final Considerations:

Generally, YouTube recommends video of 320 x 240 resolution encoded in MPEG4 format and MP3 audio. This type of video is suitable for best viewing. Take a look of your video on YouTube to check whether it plays smoothly or not.

It is a good idea to resize the video by clicking the small square box on the lower right hand corner of your video. Have reviews of your friends about the picture quality of your video. Relax and have patience until other viewers post their comments on your video.

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