Wedding Tents

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When it is your big day, you simply want everything to be perfect as the way you had envisioned it. Whether the wedding is on the beach or in the small garden of your house, you definitely do not want it raining down on your dream set up and this can be well avoided, by simply adding a wedding tent to the picture. It is important to remember that wedding tents are a good option only for light to moderate rains and may not hold out during heavy rainstorms. It is also an important consideration, while buying a wedding tent, that it be sturdy, so it doesn't give away. Usually tents are provided with thick weighted sides for the purpose.

High quality wedding tents use tension ratchets to hold down the fabric of the tent. In most cases, a vinyl film with polyester on the inside forms the body of the tent. As for the structure, most common are pole-supported tents, although frame tents are often used for small scale gatherings and events. In fact, frame tents prove to be cheaper than pole tents and may cost you around $800 for a 40 ft by 60 ft to about $5000 for a 60 ft by 280 ft. Size options available to you range from 9x10 to even 120x400 for very large gatherings. Wedding tents can easily accommodate 1000 to 1500 persons or more.

The wedding tent industry is quite a large one now, providing the buyer with a varied line of options in colors, designs, patters and sizes. One is sure to find a tent befitting his tastes and requirements. Most tents are water resistant, dust resistant and come with removable walls or extendable frames and with other fringe frills. Although buying a tent can be a useful investment as these are durable and economical for long-term usage but many opt for the rental route. While renting a tent, always keep in mind your needs and the area available. Also be sure to check with the renting firm as to how the tent will be delivered and set up. Often the rental firms are willing to offer professional help for setting it up, although they may charge a little extra for that.

Spending a small amount on renting a wedding tent will ensure that your big day is not ruined due to bad weather.

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