The Miracle Of Mental Joy

by Christine Harvey - Date: 2007-02-22 - Word Count: 328 Share This!

Have you ever stopped to wonder why it takes so long sometimes to achieve a goal, and other times it happens so quickly? This was the subject of our first 'Member Only Call' last Friday, and I want to share the results with you. It was determined that: "The length of time it takes for us to achieve a goal, is simply the time it takes us to believe we can have it!"

You can even look at it another way. I heard this said by Richard Rogers of Unity some years ago and I've been pondering it even since. He said, "Everything we want is ALREADY there. The moment we believe it is there is the moment we can receive it." Think about how that applies to your life. What have you been wanting in your life, and NOT YET receiving? Could it be that you don't fully believe it's possible for YOU to have it? Think about it again. What if it was THAT EASY? What IF, all it would take, is for YOU to fully believe it was here now, and feel that excitement of having it already? Would it be worth that small amount of effort? That effort of simply mental thought - mental thought that you can do while you walk and while you talk? HOW EASY IS THAT? And yet we give it mental resistance!

30 SECOND FOCUS TIP - Today, concentrate on one specific goal AS IF it was already in existence. Be excited about it. Let the feeling go to the tips of your toes and the top of your head. Let it circulate with excitement, like a kid in a candy store. Let yourself feel the joy and pleasure of that feeling. Try it many times in the day. I promise you, that the experience will bring you much joy, and in the course of these miracles of joy, you WILL manifest. Look at it this way - what have you got to lose!

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