Asia ' The Biggest Consumer Market

by Paul Hata - Date: 2008-07-30 - Word Count: 485 Share This!

Whether in the manufacturing or consumer products industry, Asia is a budding market whereby many keen investors have their eyes trained on. Recently, BIO 2008 was developed to help Australia develop their products on cancer, stem cell, dairy and vaccine research. The BIO 2008 is expected to help Asian companies (including government institutions) grow exponentially in the very near future. Australia, like many other countries in other parts of the world, are trying to strengthen their ties with developing Asian countries by offering them technology and investment.

Experts warn that despite the overall positive outlook on the Asian investment market,investors should be selective as to where they put their money. Predictions and valuations can be stretched and sometimes the expectations are unrealistic. In 2006, Credit Suisse said that the market for investment continues to offer incredibly profitable and positive opportunities. It is reported, then, that the world can expect a consistent growth in the Asian market for the next three to four years from 2006...therefore, investment opportunities in Asian countries continue to be aplenty.

Governments in countries like Japan, China and India have shifted their focus from consuming imported goods to exploiting local and domestic products,thereby helping to boost their local economies. This has given small, growing companies in these Asian countries room and opportunity for growth...from the investor's point of view, this is extremely good news. The Asian economy is set for robust growth and expansion in the long run which providing lucrative returns for foreign investors.

Many unknowing stock market players have been sent into silence in recent years because of the dramatic rise in their economic conditions in countries like China,India,Korea,Singapore and Taiwan. Each of these countries presents different investment opportunities for investors and the range of their expertise has narrowed down. While some people would argue that Asian investment in China and India would be the most lucrative, others would prefer to techno-friendly countries like Korea, Taiwan and Japan where they already have a strong following for their electronic products and gaming technology as well as household products. Japan and Korea looks to be nose-to-nose for the communications sector too, so, in the near future, the pendulum could swing either way, depending on the number of foreign investors and growth of their domestic markets.

While the US market limps back to health, investors from other parts of the world, particularly countries in Europe, Canada and Australia are eyeing potentially profitable long-term partnerships with companies from these countries. US consumers are generally swallowed by the grave need to save money and reduce the cost of living, the Asian and European market continues to stride ahead. Not long ago, the US market determines the performance of other markets,particularly Asia.But now,the reverse are true. As long as the US market continues to post health growth and do not suffer prolong recession, Asia will continue to grow and provide foreign investors with many investment opportunities.

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