Most Spam Comes From Us, Romania And Brazil

by Mihai Jepan - Date: 2010-01-15 - Word Count: 246 Share This!

At the end of the first quarter of 2009, Romania was placed in the top three sources of spam, with a total of 5.8% of all spam. The first places are occupied by the U.S. (11.6%) and Brazil (11.5%). In the first three months, less than 7% of all messages were legal, 91% were spam and the remaining 2% were infected messages with various types of malware, according to Revista IT, a romanian publication had handles such information.

The study was conducted by security company representatives "Panda Antivirus", which analyzed 69 million e-mail. The amount of spam increased slightly in the months January to March compared to the same period last year, when spam accounted for 89% of the number of messages received by companies.

Most of these messages were transmitted through networks "zombie" (known as "botnet"), that computers infected with programs that allow hackers to take control of them and use them as a host of activities such as the transmission of spam to other computers. This is one of the main reasons that antivirus and anti spyware companies have been developing intensly on protecting computers from direct injection from the web pages or emails, since infections cause the development of a chain that eventually loses its starting point.

One of the simplest way of beeing protected from this kind of spam message or mailware emails is to use a powerful system for reading and sending email, something like Yahoo! Mail or Google Mail, which have auto-protection enabled.

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