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Replacement windows improve the look of your home and provide energy savings. Depending on the window replacement company you choose - you can have flexibility with color, styles, installation and even financing. It's an investment that pays off when you sell your home. Renewal by Andersen windows are durable, paintable and energy efficient. Every element, from the glass and frame to the hardware, is crafted and fitted with precision, to exacting measurements. Renewal by Andersen replacement windows are custom-built to precisely fit each window opening in your home. The best way to get quality window replacement is make sure the company knows about the product they are installing, get a good warranty and make sure the company checks out with the Better Business Bureau.

Window installation is a critical part of the process. At Renewal by Andersen, we include professional installation as a key part of our window replacement process. Our made-to-order windows are installed by our employees. By using professional Renewal by Andersen installers, this insures that our windows are installed the same way, perfectly, for every home. Consider this when looking around at other window replacement companies. Many use contracted labor, part time helpers - which means your warranty could be impacted if the installation does not meet the manufacturer standards.
From the moment you call or stop by our showroom to arrange your free, in-home consultation, you'll experience our highest standards of professionalism, craftsmanship, and courtesy. We'll meet in your home at a time convenient for you. Your windows and patio doors will be custom-manufactured and installed by window replacement professionals who respect you and your home. And we won't consider your process complete without a careful vacuuming and cleaning that leaves your home looking its best after we have completed the installation. From start to finish, we want you to be happy with your new windows and loving the results.

Renewal by Andersen gives you a wide range of options, and everything is customized to complement your home. From improving energy efficiency and replacing windows that simply don't work, to making a dramatic change, we offer you the selection and the choice is yours.

This is why we're different - FibrexÂ(r) material
Renewal by AndersenÂ(r) replacement windows are made from Andersen's exclusive FibrexÂ(r) material. This breakthrough composite combines the strength and stability of wood with the low-maintenance features of vinyl.

Key benefits:
-Slim, sleek profiles allow more glass area
-Available with color options
-Stainable wood interiors available, including oak, maple, and pine
-Excellent insulator preventing heat or cold transfer into or out of your home.
-Resistant to changes in temperature
-Low maintenance: no need to scrape or paint again; warranted not to flake, blister, peel, pit or corrode (call for information on our warranty).

Along with color, design and lifestyle benefits, the environmental benefits of how we make Fibrex material led to Andersen Corporation becoming the first and only Green Seal Certified window manufacturer. All of the wood fibers used in the compounding process, as well as some of the thermoplastic polymer, are reclaimed directly from the 65-acre Andersen Corporation manufacturing plant operations in Bayport, Minnesota.

Energy Saving Glass - High-Performance™ Low-E4™
Poor-performing windows can lose up to 40 percent* of heating energy in winter. With the high cost of energy, that's a lot of money going right out the window! Even worse (and often overlooked), poor-performing windows can lose up to 50 percent* of a home's cooling energy in summer. It's expensive to have worn-out or inefficient windows.

Renewal by AndersenÂ(r) windows and patio doors with High-Performance™ Low-E4™ glass can reduce energy bills by 25% in the summer and 10% in the winter*.

Renewal by Andersen's outstanding whole window performance is the result of our patented FibrexÂ(r) framing material, Andersen High-Performance™ Low-E4™ double pane glass, and professional installation.

Together, these elements will keep your home 35% more energy efficient in winter and 41% more efficient in summer*. Depending on where you live, that can cut your energy bills by up to 25%**

- Easy cleaning
New Low-E4 glass features an innovative titanium dioxide (TiO²) exterior coating, which makes cleaning easier. When this coating is activated by sunlight, dirt loosens from the glass and can be washed away by rain. The special TiO² coating also makes the glass dry faster with up to 99% fewer water spots*. Adds Thermal Protection
- Insulation
Andersen Low-E4 glass employs a hermetically-sealed system for optimum insulation from heat, cold and sound. A patented low-conductivity spacer separates the two panes of glass. The space between the two panes is filled with an argon gas blend to minimize the thermal transfer. Compared to ordinary dual-pane glass, High-Performance Low-E4 glass is 41% more energy-efficient in summer and 35% more efficient in winter. Depending on where you live, that can cut your energy bills up to 25%**.
- Helps Keep UV Rays Outside
High-Performance Low-E4 glass works like a sunblock to filter ultraviolet (UV) rays that can fade fabric and damage furniture. Ordinary dual-pane glass lets 63% of UV light pass through. High-Performance Low-E4 glass is layered with 11 microscopic coatings that cut UV transmission down to 17% with virtually no effect on the clarity or color of the light that enters your home.
- Reduces Sound Penetration
In addition, High-Performance Low-E4 glass also reduces sound penetration significantly, even when compared to single-pane glass.
- Standard Feature
Low-E4 glass is exclusive to select AndersenÂ(r) windows and doors, and is included as a standard feature on all Renewal by AndersenÂ(r) window products.

Renewal by Andersen's parent company-Andersen Corporation-is the most recognized window brand in the U.S. and is synonymous with quality.

To view Renewal by Andersen's full range of product offerings including double-hung windows, casement windows, gliding windows, bay and bow windows, awning windows, or patio doors, storm doors, visit our

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