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Want to pick football winners? It takes time, research and dedication to predict winning football betting tips. Combining several eligible strategies together for a selected game gives you an even more powerful and profitable selection. Here are some useful strategies to improve your football handicapping.

Home ground advantage -- Teams at home generally play with more confidence because of familiar surrounds and home crowd support.

Weather -- Teams used to playing in cold conditions can struggle in hot humid conditions. Weather can also impact betting on football totals. If the weather starts to rain heavily before kickoff, the score will often be lower and so betting on the under can be profitable. You can take advantage because the line generally doesn?t move greatly so close to the game start time.

Injuries -- Check for important team injuries. Having a handful of key players out of the side can effect team structures and expose weaknesses.

Teams with more peak performing players -- Try to identify teams that have significantly more experienced players in the peak years of their physical fitness. Then look for matches against teams that have more young inexperienced players or have more experienced players that are past their peak years of physical fitness.

Milestone games -- Teams often play motivated when one player reaches important milestones such as their 100th game. Factoring milestone games into your analysis can improve your sports betting tips.

Avoid emotion fuelled games -- Significant emotional events such as a terrible tragedy or a controversial event during the week can affect teams in unpredictable ways. Some teams respond positively and play well, while other teams can lose their focus and play poorly. Betting in these situations is not recommended.

Schedules impact team performance -- Teams that have recently had a higher than normal amount of road games or shorter breaks between games will be affected detrimentally. These situations become more powerful against an opposition that has been playing at home recently and or had longer breaks between games.

Motivation games -- Some games are more significant than others and will have the team performing on a higher level. Playing against a team that is close on the ladder or a team in the same division is a motivational game because the reward is 2 fold. The winning team gains the points, plus moves further ahead or closer to the rival that doesn?t gain any points during that round. Also, teams that are just inside or outside the playoffs cut off in the final rounds of the season will play with motivation. They will fight hard to make it to the playoffs.

An unranked team given lower odds (favoured) by sportsbooks than the higher ranked team -- It?s not often that this happens. When it does, usually the sportbooks know something about the betting that the public doesn?t. Rankings can be found by visiting power rating websites. Later in the season, the ladder can be a good indicator of ranking, as well as the sportbooks odds for each team winning the premiership.

Coach vs coach win loss record -- Some coaches have superior win-loss records when playing against certain coaches. Their game plan and strategy are especially effective against these coaches. Be mindful of coaching records when making your football betting predictions.

Time zone plays -- for the 1st 8 weeks of the season, teams travelling across time zones generally take time to condition their fitness and performance. However after 8 weeks, teams adjust to the time zone difference. Most plays come from west coast teams travelling east.

Revenge systems have to have a reason for the team to ?be up? for a game -- For example, the team lost as favorite the last time they met their opponent. Check also to have the right type of team and coach who ?turn up? for revenge games (ie not a passive coach). Revenge is more important in the 1st half of a game because that revenge brings out intensity and motivation. Once the game is underway (ie the 2nd half) talent takes over. Taking these strategies into consideration when making bets will help to improve your success.Rex Punt is the owner of, a profitable sports handicapping service. RexTips sports predictions are independently verified, come with an extension guarantee and a low subscription cost with no extra fee for SMS service. New members are welcome to join up today. To subscribe, visit

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