Avoiding the Mistakes of Dating in Your New Franchise Relationship

by Tristan Andrews - Date: 2006-12-02 - Word Count: 400 Share This!

The world of franchising offers limitless opportunities to start a business, learn a new industry, and get started in the success of business ownership. Franchises usually require a partnership or group of business-minded individuals to work together and form a solid foundation for the business. Partnerships on both a business, and personal level require a strong basis of trust and open lines of communication. Still, some franchisors are often at an advantage of knowledge and power when it comes to finding potential franchisees to get the business off the ground. Nave entrepreneurs often fall for the pitfalls of a bad or unsteady relationship without even realizing it; this is why many franchise opportunities require some level-headed decision making and examination in order to be successful.

Business relationships are often like personal relationships because they grow, evolve, and are based on trust. Without clear and honest communication, you and your business partners will not be working towards similar goals to open up the doors to success. Your business partner is deceitful, dishonest, or hides information from you, the relationship will be off to a rocky start. If guidelines and expectations are not clearly defined and documented, this can even lead to civil lawsuits or unnecessary distress down the road.

Franchisors who take advantage of fresh entrepreneurs on the market may be looking for power and control. It's best to avoid people and business partners who have pre-calculated plans and can easily take advantage of someone just because they have more knowledge and experience. These franchisors may be selective in their hiring, but they are only looking out for their own agenda; it's important to be aware of this business personality, and take the steps to search for a successful and reliable partner.

Franchise relationships are very much like dating relationships; they require a foundation of trust, consistency in action and words, and a win-win situation whenever possible. In addition, it's wise to conduct a background check, call on references, and stay up to speed with the business partner's news and updates. Without clear communication, the relationship can collapse into an unhealthy and ineffective pattern. Making sure that phone calls, e-mails, and other correspondence are cohesive or even documented is a good idea. It's important to maintain objectivity and a business mind set when handling almost all decision; becoming emotionally involved or basing decisions on emotions will not lead to success in the long term.

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