Buying a Car with Bad Credit:? Bank or Dealer Financing?

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So you want or need a new car but you have done some mistakes in the past that has led to a bad credit history? This is quite unfortunate but not an obstacle that you can't cope with.

Many people experience difficulties when looking for a new car deal just because they have bankrupted before or simply have made more mistakes with their credit card usage or home mortgage repayment fees. Of course buying a new card with bad credit will not be that easy as buying a car with good credit history however it is possible.

The first thing to worry about is to get the financing right. You can borrow the money from someone; look for bank loans or car dealers' loans.

Bank loans.
Despite the fact your credit history is bad there will be banks that will give you the money for your new car. You need to be persistent and patient and check as many banks as possible until you find the best deal.

Once you think you have found it all you need to do it to fill in a loan application and wait for the bank's approval. A significant advantage is that most of the banks have online applications that you can fill from the comfort of your home and without the embarrassment of speaking to bank assistants.

Another advantage of applying for a credit with a bank is that most of the banks would respond quickly - usually within one business day. The terms of your credit will be clearly outlined in your contract and the risk of surprises later is almost not present.

Dealer financing.
Many car dealers give financing to car buyers - both with bad or good credit history. If you haven't manage to find a loan from a bank than this is your only option.

Dealers would offer you much more flexibility than banks however their terms might not be that good in the long term. Usually you should watch out for "loops" in the contract that would allow the car dealer to change the interest rate drastically or the final car price.

Car dealers usually get the finances from other money institutions so you should be extra careful for the terms. Since you already have a bad credit history you should be extra careful about the terms of the new loan you are taking.

Make sure you have read and understood the whole contract; if necessary speak to a professional before signing the documents. The last thing that you want is another unbearable loan that you wouldn't be able to pay off and that would harm your credit more.

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