Poor Credit Auto Loans: Solving the Monetary Riddle for Car Buyers

by Kalvin Jason - Date: 2008-08-02 - Word Count: 335 Share This!

There was a time when obtaining a car could be dreamt by only those people who either had a fat pay packet or could afford to take loans and repay them fruitfully. However the poor credit auto loans have broken all traditional rules. Under this category anybody can apply and avail an auto loan, even people who have bad credit history. Like any other loan, poor credit auto loans too come in two formats, one which demands collateral (secured) and one which doesn't (unsecured).

A poor credit results from various factors. Some of them being; debts, bankruptcy, arrears and non-payment of loans to name a few. Anybody who is facing such a situation can approach a lender of his choice for such auto loans. The advantage of this loan is the fact that the borrower's credit history is not taken into account.

Applying online:

The most easiest and time saving method regarding loans is to apply them online. This gives ample time to research and also to compare and get the services of the best lender. The loan is approved very fast when applied in this manner. The interest rates can be chosen as either fixed or flexible depending on the borrower's capability.

Things to be taken care of:

There are certain things to be kept in mind when availing of such a loan.

Lender should be chosen after confirming his market reputation.


The terms and conditions should be appropriate.

Read the complete document in detail.

Try and keep the repayment duration low or it will raise the amount of interest paid toward the end.


There are many poor credit auto loans in the market, in these cases care should be taken to check its APR. This includes transaction fee, penalties for late payment, interest rate structure and so on.Go for the loan only after you have compared the quotes by various other lenders. These are small things which if taken care of will result in you availing a loan which is easy to get and easy to repay too.

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Kalvin Jason is proficient in the credit market because of a degree in finance from the esteemed University of Oxford. He has also done his masters in insurance management from the Risk Management Research Institute. To find online car loans, bad credit car loan, refinance car loan visit http://www.ultracarloans.com

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