Possible Breast Augmentation Risks And Complications

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Breast augmentation, similar to other surgical procedures, is also exposed to the risks of potential complications resulting from the surgery. In addition to complications that can occur with any surgery, such as scarring, infection, changes in sensation, or severe bruising , breast augmentation risks include certain breast implant problems that are unique to the procedure. Some women are permanently unable to sleep on their front after breast augmentation, and some suffer pain, the cause of which cannot be determined. Sometimes, implants have to be removed, together with the scar tissue that has formed around them, and as this usually leaves the breast flattened, most women prefer to have another implant instead. It is important that you are aware of the breast augmentation complications that might occur after your surgery.


Infection is a rare complication following breast augmentation but may develop early or late, possibly months or years after the surgery. When it does occur, the implant may have to be removed, at least temporarily. Infection may also weaken the skin and cause protrusion of an implant.

Risk of Silicone Breast Implant

There is a potential risk that silicone breast implants can interfere with mammography screenings used to detect the presence of cancer cells. The breast implant interferes by creating an obstruction through which the x-rays cannot pass. In addition, the silicone breast implants may also break under the firm pressure applied to the breasts during the screening. This is especially important with silicone implants, as silicone can leak unnoticed and cause harmful effects to the body. Although it is important to have regular mammograms to detect early signs of cancer, it is critical that you highlight the presence of breast implants, when you make your appointment or when you meet the technician. By doing this, it allows the technician to use special techniques to avoid interference and minimize the chances of rupture.


Whatever the implant is made of, it will comprise a shell around a gel or fluid. It is possible for the outer shell to wrinkle, particularly if it contains saline or some other fluid, and this may be obvious if the breast tissue is thin. If required, a wrinkled implant can be removed and replaced by one of a different type. This problem is unlikely to occur with the more solid implant fillings such as "cohesive gel"

Capsular Contracture

The body reacts to any implant as foreign and fibrous scar tissue forms around it - sometimes over a period of several years. This capsule of scar tissue may remain thin and pliable or, if the tissue shrinks and thickens, may compress the implant, causing it to become round and firm, which may cause tenderness. The shape of the breast may then alter and the implant may become hard. This process, known as capsular contracture, can occur any time, although it is most common in the first year of two after surgery. Further surgery may be necessary to reshape the breast or remove the implant.

Change in nipple sensation

Although any change in nipple sensation after breast augmentation is unlikely to be permanent, the larger the implant the greater the risk. Nipple sensation can occasionally be increased rather than decreased.

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