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Honest Riches by Holly Mann-Internet Marketing for Beginners

Making Money Online-The Essential Guide

If you are serious about learning how to make good money online, you must start here. Are you interested in Internet Marketing? Have you looked through countless websites all promising to make you tons of money online? Are you tired of all the hype and maybe even wondering if any of this is true? Let me tell you this: Yes, you can make lots of money online as an Internet Marketer. Is it easy and can you do it overnight?...NO! This is not Rocket Science, but it does take lots of motivation and effort and just like any other job you have to start at the bottom and learn the basics first. Holly Mann's Honest Riches does just that. If you want to purchase an inexpensive e-book ($37) that delivers on its promises, this is it.
Five months ago I was just where you are now. I lost my job that was making me good money. I was lucky enough to find another job right away, but it was not going to pay me near as well as the other. For years I kept telling myself that I wanted to start a home based business, but never got around to it. Now I had to start looking for something because my new job was not going to pay all of the bills. So I started researching the subject of Making Money Online and up came all the hype. Rich Jerk, Ultimate Wealth Package, Internet Millions and the list goes on and on. The hype was just too much and I found myself asking the question; is any of this for real and whom can I trust? Then I found Honest Riches, No Hype, No Complaints, just good reviews and written by someone who is actually down to earth! So I decided to spend the $37 and find out what this Internet Marketing craze was all about. Holly has written a no nonsense guide and how to get started making money online that starts off with sound advise about business preparations (business entities and tax responsibilities) and then walks you through all the basics of Internet Marketing. This is why I say you must start here. You want to learn the basics first and gain a solid understanding of what Internet Marketing is all about before you move to the next level. Honest Riches gives you all of this. Holly starts off with the basics of Affiliate Marketing and how to get started, explains why good research is key to doing things right, explains ways to make money without a website one of which is writing product reviews which is what this is, continues on with Website design and development, gives you tons of advice on where to find free resources, then moves onto why content is king, search engine optimization, email lists, advertising and finally how to create your own e-book.
Now let me give you a bit of advice that quite honestly I did not follow myself after I read Honest Riches, and that is after you read this, PLEASE start implementing some of Holly's ideas immediately! Start with something small, get a good understanding of what you are doing and then move on to the next. This is very important; you have to take one small step at a time. Believe me, you will be glad you did it this way. I went off in exactly the opposite direction, I read her e-book and then I let my mind take me in twenty different directions and I accomplished nothing until I went back to the basics and started implementing Holly's ideas. Now, Honest Riches is not perfect, it does not cover a couple of subjects very well, one being how to build an email list (the money really is in the list) and if you are interested I can explain where you want to go to do just that, but please take my word for it you still want to start with Honest Riches so that you can gain a great understanding of Internet Marketing and then move to the next level. So if you are motivated and really want to learn about Internet Marketing and gain a solid understanding of the basics, do not hesitate, follow the links below to read about Honest Riches.
Now if you want to learn more about Honest Riches, but also would like to receive more information about where to go after Honest Riches like learning about building your email list and other proven programs that will deliver as promised follow this link to my website and sign up for my free newsletter, I promise you no hype and only the straight facts about what really is making money, after which you will be taken directly to Holly's Site, Click Here!

If you wish to go directly to Holly's siteClick Here!

Either way, I sincerely hope this information has been of great value to you and I wish you all the success in your new endeavors. Remember, take one step at a time get good at it and then move on. Just Do, Do Not Over Think It!

Sincerely, Erik Hammel

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