How to Choose a New York VOIP Service Provider

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New Yorkers know a good thing when they see it, and VOIP technology iscurrently taking the Empire State by storm with its low prices andhigh-end technology that merges phone service with the Internet forincredible convenience.

And while more and more people in New York know what VOIP is (itstands for Voice Over Internet Protocol) finding the right VOIPservice provider is another matter.

The following information can help any New Yorker get up and runningwith their new VOIP service.

1. Find the right price point. You can check around withvarious services, but New York residents should not be payingmore than $25 per month for unlimited personal calling plans, andno more than $60 - $70 per month for small business accounts. (Some promotional offers may lower this price for the initialmonths of service, however.)

2. Ask about features. Not all VOIP companies provide callwaiting, voice mail or caller ID as a standard part of the plan. Decide which features you need from your phone service and thenask your VOIP customer representative about their availability.

3. Ask about customer service. VOIP is a relatively newindustry, but the companies that are entering the marketplace arededicated to providing better customer support than their land-line forefathers. Ask about the availability of live, 24/7 helpboth by phone and online.

4. Find out about equipment costs. Some companies will includea FREE router and phone adapter when you open a new account. These promotions are valuable, so if you don't see one offered,ask the representative (be a little pushy, it may help you getwhat you want).

5. Do your online homework. If you're concerned about thequality of your future VOIP service, hop online and look forconsumer opinion websites that offer customers a chance to offerfeedback about their providers. It is here that you will get aclear picture of the customer support, call quality and other keyfactors in determining which company to use.

6. Ask about International calling. If you've got friends,family or business contacts overseas, you're going to need a VOIPservice provider that offers International calling capability. This is NOT yet standard with all VOIP services, so ask beforeyou sign up.

7. Don't forget about FREE calling within the network. Finally, be sure to ask about one of the biggest benefits of VOIPservice - free calling to other customers who receive theservice. This is a great way to save money and get other peopleexcited about using VOIP. Just be sure to confirm that yourservice provider offers it!

For reliable, affordable VOIP service in the New York area, Unparalleled customer service and amazing pricepackages are what helped ITP VOIP be rated #1 in customer satisfactionin New York and the #1 VOIP provider in the United States by users. Every day, ITP VOIP strives to bring you the best service is thecountry. Contact today for more information about howto get started.

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