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The most memorable day in one's life is wedding. So to make this wedding more memorable people organize there wedding parties as these parties are the way to get together with the family and friends. Wedding party's decorations are really a pleasure to see as they are differently decorated with respect of other parties. There are many different ways to decorate the party venue. Some decorate them with lots of flowers and some with lots of lights. These parties are held at special places like resorts and five starts hotels but now a day to make them really special they are planned at cruses. The decoration of every weeding party is almost same what changes is the theme of that party. Some have fixed dress codes to make it look more extraordinary. The decoration should be done in such a superb way that it reflects the happy mood of the organizer and set very one amazed. While the decoration is done the most important thing to keep in mind is that see whether the decoration is done according to your need and it should not be over done.

Invitations are the formal way of inviting people to join them. These party cards are bit different from the wedding cards. These cards have simple design and minimum content. In olden times wedding cards are given hand to hand but now a days party invitation cards are sent through mails and posts. The cards can be made according to the requirement they should be neither to loud nor be to dull. The illusion should be minimum and good. Colors like ivory, off white, white, silver and other soft and light shades are elegant for wedding party invitations card. The cards should in such fonts that every one can read it they should not b very small and direction of the venue should me mentioned for everyone which make card more beautiful.

As wedding is very important for family people same as gifts for it. Gifts are the glorious way to express greet and happiness for the occasion. Wedding party gifts are chosen with lots of understanding as it is not only special for the family but for the one who is getting married. A wedding gift can be as simple as a flower and as expensive as a diamond ring. There are few ideas for the gifts which u can give on some ones weeding party:-

1. Wall Clocks 2. Personalized Crystal Glasses 3. Purse / Wallet 4. Jewelry Box 5. Pendant and Photo Frames.

Party without songs is like party wasted. So make the wedding party more funky music is added as a flavor. Like all the parties wedding parties are also entertaining. In wedding parties not only traditional but jazz and rock also played with a lot of contemporary music. Few lists of wedding songs which are played and groove the people are: 1. Paisa - De Dana Dan 2. Tan t Nan - kaminey 3. Blame It on - The Boogie by Jackson 5 and many more rocking songs. As wedding party is the first and last party the one can enjoy with the special one.

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