Career, 6 Examples of How the Internet Could Cost You a Job

by ROBIN WRIGHT - Date: 2008-09-09 - Word Count: 466 Share This!

So many times the questions are asked "Why didn't I get the job?" or "I have everything they need for the job so why no offer?". Well, the hard truth is that the internet is now the starting point for everything from finding candidates to conducting interviews.

There are several areas that might hinder one from getting the job of their dreams:

1. Facebook, MySpace, Blogs, Twitter etc. - HR and recruiters DO LOOK AT THESE sites. We are not saying all, but these days most do. If you have something out there that would compromise the type of persona you portrayed during the interview then beware. The photo of you drunk in a car might not be so appealing. Blogging about extremist views or "inappropriate" subjects can also hinder your application.

2. Online Networking Groups (ie. LinkedIn, Xing, FastPitch etc.) - Beware what is said even within online networking groups. The idea is to behave as you would if you were in front of the people directly. You never know who are speaking with and who knows who.

3. Internet Research - These days one can get a background check on anyone, anytime even without permission via the web. Something swept under the rug could come back to haunt later.

4. Video Resumes - This might get someone in the door or not. If is not a professional looking video with enough content to keep one viewing, then it could actually turn out to hurt you. It is difficult to strike that delicate balance between what to include and how to get your personality to read on camera. The decision has to be made whether or not to be judged by a video that would be your first impression. If the video is not made well, that is the end of the road in most cases.

5. Online Word of Mouth - This is basically when the hiring company gets online to try to ask past employers about you. This is either via a third party like a recruiter or background company. In some instances they may or may not reveal they are looking to hire but just trying to gather information. This is VERY extreme and not common practice. Especially when applicants are in a close knit industry.

6. Common Reasons - If a company finds your resume on the web and you do not get the job, the most common reasons are the following: personality fit, inappropriate dress or language, language barrier or skills sets not strong enough for the position. Most of these reasons they would communicate but the previous 5, NO WAY!

These are areas that we do consider out of the ordinary for several organizations these days but should definitely be considered.

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