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The importance of a company logo in promoting a business in the market cannot be denied. A company logo is the concept and standards of a business represented in visual form. A well designed logo helps in attracting clients to the business and enables the company and is the first impression of the business to the customers. Businesses want that first impression to be the best so they hire professional designers to create striking company

Importance of design
The design of a company logo should be able to capture the imagination of the clients. Since the company logo is used in every promotional campaign of the business, it is necessary that the company logo be flawless and be designed according to the specification of the business.

Color and shape
The most important features of the company logo are the color and shape used for the design of the logo. If there is any imbalance in the colors or if the shape of the company logo is irregular, the results can be devastating to the reputation of the business. It is necessary that the designers coordinate with the client to decide the shape and color of the logo during the design process. If the client is undecided about the color or shape they can consult with graphic designers and logo developers to decide the best design for the business. This issue is very important because the logo becomes the identity of the business.

Simplicity is the asset commonly used in attracting clients. It is unnecessary to design the logo with heavy colors and details because is detracts the customer's interest in the logo. The logo designer must come up with innovative and creative means to create simple logos which have the depth to attract clients and make a impact in the market.

Totally changing a business logo is unprofessional and brings bad reputation to the company. However, the company can slowly modify the logo and bring changes to the design patterns in a manner which seem to evolve the logo rather than seeming sudden to the clients.

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