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by Dmitry Pylshchykov - Date: 2007-03-27 - Word Count: 635 Share This!

At the age of entertainment and modern technologies we can see an alteration of ordinary programs and gadgets functions, thus they become more variable, with much more functions and with more attraction then ever. Nowadays it's not enough just to get the program which will help you to protect your information in the computer while you are away or prevent screen burn-in, as screensavers usually did before, for instance. Today such a software as screensavers may motivate you, learn you, brighten your day, bring some aroma to you and even make your dreams come true. You don't believe me? Let's have a lookЕ

We may say that screensavers stand on three foundations: security, information, and entertainment. Security has been always important while working at the computer. That is why a screensaver is a good devise which will help you to keep the information at your PC safe and confident while you are away for resent time. You do not have to remember difficult number combination or use multilevel programs. There is an easy way. All you need to do is let a screensaver run while you are away, and when resuming work just log in with your password. It is easy and safe. It is also possible to use a power saving mode for monitors while using screensavers.

Screensavers may also give information of almost any kind. There are screensavers with which it is possible to learn languages, to be up on all the latest news, weather, etc. and who knows what will be the next revolutionary step in developing the screensaver conception.

But the most important screensaver characteristic is its entertainment property. If you feel blue and nothing brings joy to your life just imagine yourself in the jungle with waterfalls and blossom trees. You have never been there before and this beauty is only for you! Enjoy stunning waterfalls in exotic jungle surroundings, relax watching the waterfalls, parrots, hummingbirds, and exquisite butterflies, and listen to the live sound of tropics. Just let yourself to dissolve in feelings and sensations. With screensavers, which now become more realistic because of using 3D animation techniques, you may "change" seasons. Each day may be a different season in your life. Or even one screensaver may contain the pictures of a whole year with 4 seasons which will pass in front of your eyes, and you can set your favorite season to last for as long as you like! There are lots of opportunities to brighten your life and make your daily life more interesting, multifarious and saturated. With new animation technologies it is possible to customize a given screensaver: you may choose the scenes, quantity of objects and much more. But even this is not the whole story. Have you ever dream to do something huge in your life? Get started to distant lands or get to know the history of the sunken ships and ancient ruins, where now sharks live in, or maybe, you always wanted to take wing and get higher to the sky, sail by the planets? Perhaps you had dreams in you childhood when all this was possible and realistic. And now it is possible too! With a screensaver, as a small movie, you may see what no human will possibly ever see so close and real (at the nearest future, I believe:) - asteroid belts, star showers, and distant nebulas. This breathtaking trip to the stars will bring a magic to your daily life, it will remind you your child's dreams and get you far away from the place you are now at.

A screensaver is not a simple program or a piece of software, it is your way for self-expression and you magic with which you will color and diversify your daily life! Get the ticket to your dream and get joy and more emotions!

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