Searching for the best car insurance for young drivers with convictions ?

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The goal of this short article is to help you lower the costs of your cover. Simple but legal steps can be taken

to help reduce your car insurance for young drivers with convictions annual cost. Lots of the information can be

used today to get instant discounts although other methods take place over a longer period and take some time to

reduce the price of your cover. Some of the methods will not work for you but if you a searching for car

insurance for young drivers with convictions the methods are presented to help you lower you insurance cover


Areas we will be looking at are how to pay for your premium, third party fire and theft and comprehensive

policies, pass plus discounts just to name some of the topics.

Item 1 Pick a low group car - Sports cars and hot hatches costs way more to get car insurance on. A definite way

to reduce the costs of your car insurance for young drivers with convictions is to find a low insurance group


Item 2 Naming insured drivers - Unless the driver is your spouse then naming one normally costs extra. Costs

vary but for younger drivers costs will be significantly more. Therefore only name those that will drive your

motor vehicle. Sometimes if the person you need to name has their own vehicle they will have the driving other

cars extension anyway so could drive you motor on a third party only basis. This may be adequate for you

depending on the value of your car. Many insurance companies will allow you to add an additional driver

temporarily mid term through your insurance year.

Item 3 Compare prices ! Once your insurance renewal comes through start to shop around for quotes, don't leave

it too late. Make a list and ring or submit your details online to a minimum of 4 motor insurers. Price

comparison sites can be used to pick the most competitive brokers or direct insurers. Make a list of the prices

and compare benefits as well as costs.

Item 4 Upgrade your licence ! Another way to reduce the costs of your car insurance for a young driver with

convictions is by taking extra driving tuition. If you are a new driver then the pass plus is a good way to

reduce your insurance costs. Many insurers now offer an introductory discount of 30% for people with the pass

plus. The pass plus offers advanced driving in areas such as town driving, all weather driving, night driving

and driving on motorways. Other courses are aimed towards more mature drivers such as Rospa, IAM, and Diamond.

Item 5 How to pay ! The best way to pay for your car insurance is to pay with a one off payment. most companies

make extra profit on car insurance for young drivers with convictions by charging interest for direct debit

payments. If you can't afford to pay in one then paying on your credit car could be a better alternative. Check

first but in many cases the APR charged by the insurer will be higher than the Mastercard or Visa company.

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