Why Small Retailers Should Opt For Ltl Truck Carriers

by Armil F. Velos - Date: 2010-10-15 - Word Count: 534 Share This!

Transporting your cargo to its intended consignee requires you to avail the service of a trucking carrier. If your cargo is in the range of 151 to 20,000 pounds, you should call on the service of an LTL carrier to deliver your shipment to its destination in its good condition.

LTL or less-than-truckload is a type of freight carrier that may be a good option for business owners wanting to make deliveries to the purchases made by their customers where location is remote from the point of origin. Although it is possible for small business owners to drive trucks loaded with goods sold, when limitation sets in, hiring the service of LTL truck is a strategic move.

For small business owners where the merchandises sold requiring deliveries to remote locations are seasonal, calling the help of trucking company or contracted truck owner and operator seems a viable option. Where maintenance cost in keeping trucks can eat up much of the profit, outsourced delivery service is the feasible acquisition a small business can avail instead of hiring or purchasing trucks. In this way, small business owners can tie up with small-time players in the trucking industry handling LTL trucking service.

Small business owners can benefit from the service of LTL. LTL trucking service provides services with certain options. Certain numbers of trucking companies offer delivery service options for small businesses depending on the size, quality and quantity of cargoes.

But normally, small businesses will only have to pay the amount of space that their cargoes have occupied. The charges on the shipping rates may be lower than those offered in parcel shipping. Cargoes are charged on predetermined flat fee or weigh-based rate depending on LTL carrier.

LTL trucking is also a practical option for small businesses compared to full-truckload as there is no need for hiring big trucks to transport goods to the point of destination unless the cargoes are heavy enough for the LTL trucks to handle.

The challenge with small business owners in picking the right LTL carrier seems an enormous one as choosing the carrier can have an impact in the way their customers perceive the handling of shipped products. Damage, loss and theft of shipped goods are probabilities during delivery. With those risks, small business owners have every right to consider the right trucker to handle the valuable goods they ship.

Reputable LTL carriers abound with services that keep up to their image and brands. Upon making a list of reliable LTL carriers, the next step, perhaps, is enumerating comparisons among the choices. Factors such as proximity, brand loyalty, and quality service at affordable or reasonable rates are almost always taken into consideration during the selection phase.

Asking for quotation prior to signing the purchase order is among the best steps in obtaining comparisons of services from different LTL carriers of choices. Making inquiries and negotiating prices are just among the steps to undertake commonly done in business-to-business transactions.

The tying up of small business owners with truckers is just a normal alliance going on among businesses. As more consumers opt for convenient shopping, the role of LTL carriers in particular and in the trucking industry, in general has been more significant than ever.

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