Baby Shower Party and Baby Shower Invitations

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Baby Shower Party and Baby Shower Invitations for New Baby

When you're putting together a Baby Shower Party, there are lots of important elements you don't want to forget: guests, Baby Shower Invitations, the mother-to-be. But if you really want a successful celebration, make sure to spend plenty of time on the decorations and refreshments.

Refreshments & the Baby Showers Party

One idea is to bake a special Baby Shower Diaper Cakes for the event. Although buying one may seem easier, you can find some creative ways to make the cake perfect for the occasion. For example, you can head out to your favorite place to buy baking supplies and look at their collection of cake pans. Look for ones that would be ideal for baby shower parties. Good possibilities might include baby bottles, strollers, or rocking horses. If you've never used one of the pans before, don't worry. They come with detailed instructions, including which colored icing and which size icing tips you should use for the decorations. Hopefully, when you begin this stage you have already send the Baby Invitations.

An alternative idea would be to make diaper cup cakes for the Baby Showers. You can purchase decorative stands to display the miniature cakes and that's a good idea. However, you could also make some candy suckers to use as decorations in those cup cakes. All you have to do is purchase some candy molds, melt down some chocolate (white chocolate also works), and pour it into the molds. If you don't buy the sticks for the lollipops, you can always just place the candies on top of the icing. The nice thing is the candy or the lollipop can double as Baby Shower Party Games Prizes Gifts favors for the guests. Your Baby Shower Invitations Wordings, sayings and verses for the personalized Shower Invitations will be helpful.

Baby Showers Parties: Decorations

While we're on the subject of using candies as centerpieces, there are plenty of other fun ways to decorate but try to remember the baby shower themes you've decided to go with. One of the best decoration choices is the diaper cake. You can buy these online to save yourself from the hassle of building one from scratch. Each of the cakes consists of rolled up diapers decorated with other baby accessories, such as bibs, pacifiers, and teething rings. After the shower, the new parents can take the diaper cake home and actually use all of the components. You can even match the Baby Thank You Cards with your theme.

Another nice idea for a baby shower birthday celebration is plants. You can purchase small plant starters at your local florist or any store with an outdoor department. Purchase some cheap pots and decorate them in any way you want (stickers, wrapping paper, markers) then plant the starters in each one and use them as centerpieces. These can then be taken home by the guests and grown in honor of the new baby. You might even consider making one up specifically for the parents-to-be at the baby shower party.

Finally, you could also turn ordinary baby items into decorations at the baby shower party. Buy some baby bottles and fill them up with bright-colored candy, for example. And, they will be great for the Baby Shower Games.

Baby Shower Types

When hosting baby shower, you will want to decide the purpose of baby showers, and the nature of the games. To plan for the big event, you will need to decide the type of baby shower you want to host. One of the more popular are the Surprise Baby Showers but only if the circumstances are right. If the new mom has already given birth to other children, third or other baby born, Sprinkle Baby Showers would be the most common shower, and if you are having the event after the baby is born, then Welcome Home Baby Showers are most common. And, if you are inviting both sexes, you will want to have Co-ed Baby Showers or Couples Baby Showers.

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