Voip - Advancement In Communication Technology

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VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol that is a revolutionary advancement in the communication technology. It is a technology that permits to make voice calls at distant places using a broadband internet. No fixed lines or telephone numbers are required for such kind of communication; it works simply on the effectiveness of the internet connection.

The system works on the principle of voice conversion in the form of a digital signal. It requires a computer, an internet connection, or VoIP phone. When anyone make calls through the computer, or a VoIP phone, or a traditional phone connected to a special adapter, the voice from the system converts to digital signal that travels over the internet. Voice from any handset, mike, or VoIP phone is an analog signal that generates electrical signals inside the gadgets and then converts that into digital sound. This conversion of analog to digital voice is channeled through various gateways and servers that support the technology. PSTN or Public Switched Telephone Network is an important circuit-switched network that ensures voice transmission in a way that it is audible to human ear. During the entire process of transmission, a protocol like SIP is used to control the call in terms of connection set-up, dialing, and disconnection. SIP is the short form of Session Initiation Protocol that is an IP telephony signaling protocol used to establish and modify VoIP calls.

There is a heavy influx of demand on VoIP services with the bunch of benefits it offers. The most important benefit is the cost efficiency in terms of cheap phone calls at remote locations. Many companies and multinationals today have also embraced the technology with open hands. They are now able to save in millions that accounts for about thirty to fifty percent of the traditional phone bills. It also offers the flexibility of browsing the web, using e-mails while communicating over the distance voice calls. It has also helped companies and organizations improve their productivity as it enables attachment of documents to voice messages and is comparatively cheaper with better sound clarity. Apart from attached documents users can also share presentations, files, applications, projects, and essentials of the board meeting simultaneously with different offices at the same time.

The VoIP generation is exponentially growing with influx of demand by users. It is a big revolution in the communication market especially in corporations, multinationals, and the entire business world.

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