Common Myths About Eye

by Mohan H.S. - Date: 2006-12-07 - Word Count: 735 Share This!

There are so many myths and misconceptions about eye. Some of the common myths are listed below with scientific explanations.

Myth -1 - By wearing glasses constantly, the number of the glasses becomes less.

Fact - It is not possible to lessen the number of the glasses by wearing it constantly, but the person gets constantly good quality of vision, which lessens the strain to the eyes.

Myth -2 - Spectacles are used only for presbyopia (after 40 years ) for near vision problem or for the high refractive errors like myopia.

Fact - Spectacles are necessary in other refractive errors like astigmatism and high hypermetropia, both of which cause headache, if the glasses are not worn in these conditions.

Myth -3 - By doing some eye exercises and putting some herbal medicines to the eye, one can reduce the number of glasses and also in the course of time one can get rid of glasses.

Fact - There are no scientific studies to prove these hypothetical facts and it is proved beyond doubt that there are no remedies as such to lessen the number of the glasses.

Myth -4 - By consuming vitamin A and vegetables like carrot (which contains rich amount of vitamin A ), one can get rid off any problems of the eye.

Fact - Vitamin A is useful for those, who have got deficiency of vitamin A only. But recently, the incidences of deficiency of vitamin A are very very less. If one consumes vitamin A unnecessarily, he would land up with hypervitaminosis A, with the result that the excess of vitamin A consumed accumulates in the liver, resulting in several physical problems. Therefore vitamin A should not be consumed without the proper advise of competent eye specialist. (Quacks are known to prescribe vitamin A excessively when they do not understand the eye disease).

Myth 5 - Squint eyes are signs of some good luck. So they should never be treated.

Fact - This view is completely wrong. Nearly 50% of the squint eyes can be treated by just wearing proper glasses. It is advisable to treat the squinting eyes in the early ages of 6-8 years, because then the treatment would be complete and effective. Otherwise the more squinting eye would become amblyopic, that means almost blind. So early detection and proper management is a must in a case of squint.

Myth 6 - Eye would be very clean, if you clean the eye with the cold water by sprinkling the water inside the eye.

Fact - It is not necessary to do so. Sometimes it is dangerous also. Eye has gets natural lubrication by the secretion of tears,which is non-stop all the 24 hours. Sometimes the traces of the bleaching powder, which may be present in the water may irritate the eye and in some rare occasions may cause some mild chemical reactions.

Myth 7 - Lemon, honey and some vegetable oils can cure the red eyes completely.

Fact - It is not true. Each case of red eye has to be properly examined before coming to a proper diagnosis and according to that disease, the treatment has to instituted.

Myth 8 - Eye may get infected or the vision may become less, if the tooth or teeth are extracted.

Fact - Not true. Eye would neither get infected nor the vision deteriorates if there are extractions of the teeth.

Myth 9 - It is possible to cure the cataract by instilling various that too non-allopathic drops.

Fact - So far, there are no non-surgical cure for cataract.

Myth 10 - Cataract has to be operated only when it becomes mature.

Fact - This was the case until some years before.Now in the modern cataract surgery, it is not necessary that one waits till the cataract becomes mature. As soon as the vision deteriorates in that eye, it is advisable to undergo for the surgery.

Myth 11 - It is very healthy practice to see the sun directly and gaze the sun rays. Some people even advocate this to lessen the number of glasses.

Fact - Most unscientific and uncalled for. The ultra-violet and infra-red rays present in the sunlight are harmful both to the cornea and retina. In fact the powerful sun rays (like the one of solar eclipse) directly burn the central part of the retina, the macula - causing a significant blindness.

Myth12 - Any blindness can be cured by eye transplantation and the whole eye ball is transplanted.

Fact-Only corneal blindness can be treated by eye transplantation. The whole eye ball can never be transplanted as the nerve of vision optic nerve is cut while removing the eye ball from the cadaver.

---- Dr. H.S.Mohan,

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