Things You'll Need To Know When Moving Into Your First Property

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When moving into your first home, try not to allow the excitement overwhelm some basic aspects, such as leasing arrangements and funding. Make sure you take the time to analyze everything, especially the small print.

Prior to the actual day of your move thoroughly inspect the property, preferably with the letting agent. Take along a camera and photograph any damage already present. Check out any existing damage, such as stains on carpets, marks on the walls or damage to furniture, appliances etc. and burns of any description. When these photo's are developed keep one set and give the other set to the letting agency, this will protect your deposit when you decide to leave and avoids any argument over who was responsible for the damage.

Important to make sure all the equipment provided is in good working order. If within a couple of days after moving in something decides not to work properly, IMMEDIATELY contact the letting agent, to minimise the risk of being accused of having damaged the item yourself.

Properties to rent will consist of either furnished or unfurnished. Take time to consider before you start looking for a property what your preference is. Totally furnished is great, you'll have little outlay, but rents usually reflect this and deposits can be higher, with of course more items that could accidentally get broken or worn, then you'll lose a percentage of the deposit. Whereas if you choose an unfurnished home, this will be cheaper and you can customise the furnishing to your budget and taste. Just remember though, when you vacate an unfurnished property, you'll have to take everything with you.

There will be several items you may require for your new property, as explained earlier, this will depend on the type of property you choose. Most of the items you will require can be purchased quite cheaply from your local supermarket. There are also lots of second-hand furniture dealers, auctions houses and on line auction sites for the larger items. Just remember it's not vital to have everything at once, take your time and purchase wisely. Don't let yourself get into financial difficulties in the first couple of months. Keep a close eye on your outgoings, especially if you have no experience with household budgeting. Look out for our follow-up article on household finances for beginners.


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