Zune Movies: Learn to Convert Your Own

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The Zune player isn't just all about music. It's all about playing videos and great movies too.  They are much better to have in the sense that they offer more entertainment than music does.  Plus, you can also share these videos with other people so that they can enjoy them just as much as you do.

Zune Download Sites - These videos can be downloaded from different sites, including the Zune Marketplace and other sites where you pay a one-time fee for unlimited downloads.  But what if you want to turn your current DVD collection into a format that can be played on your Zune?  Well, this is possible too and there are things to learn about your Zune so that you can convert your own movies for it.

Knowing The Format

The format that Zune uses or reads isn't the one used in a DVD format. You will have to learn just what formats are suitable for the device.  There are actually three formats that the Zune can read so that you can watch your own converted movies.  These formats are known as WMV, MPEG-4, and H.264.

MPEG and WMV - The first two formats are probably the most easy to remember and there are more available converter software for those formats because they are common.  The WMV format is the most common for Microsoft, as it is better known as Windows Media Video.  This is a compressed format that can be played on the Zune and also can be played on Windows Media Player on your computer.  This is probably the best one for your Zune player.  MPEG-4 is also an advantage because it can be played on Quicktime player and also on iTunes.  It really is up to you which format you want to use.

What You Need

Three Things First - Now, when it comes to making your own Zune movies, you will need three things.  First, you will need a PC that has a DVD reader/writer. Secondly, you will need software that will allow you to convert your DVDs into any of the previously discussed formats.  Lastly, you will also need a lot of space on your hard drive so that you can store the converted file.

Free Software - Now, there is a lot of free software that you can use and these software packages can be downloaded from the internet.  A quick Google search will point you to sites where you can download the needed software.  You can also buy professional software which will probably be the best thing to do if you want to edit movies the way you want them to appear on your Zune.

Sync It - Once you have converted the DVDs into a format that you are comfortable with, you can simply sync those files into your Zune the way that you would sync files that you have downloaded from unlimited Zune download sites.  Remember that the software you use will determine just how easy the conversion will be.

Freebies - Some of the best software that you can use is available for purchase but there are some reliable converters that can be downloaded for free.  Just make sure that these files do not also come infected with viruses or spyware that might damage your computer.  Follow the simple instructions that come with the software that you purchase or download and you should be set with all your favorite Zune movies ready for the mobile world.

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