Keyword Analysis and How to Choose a Domain Name Part II

by Raymond Nesa - Date: 2007-04-26 - Word Count: 354 Share This!

This makes search engine optimization so much easier, and you will have a better chance of a good listing and lots of traffic to your site. Your website name and domain should be as close to each other possible for best results with search engines.

Keyword research could be the most important aspect of your initial research into website and domain names. Ideally, you want a domain that has a good number of searches, but few other websites supplying to the keyword you are using. There are several options you could use for your research, and one possibility is the free Digital Point Solutions keyword tool that gives you the daily number of searches for your keyword using Wordtracker and Yahoo S.M.

You can compare these with Google demand by typing the same keyword into Google and checking the bar stating the number of results for that keyword. What this analysis tells you are the number of people using that keyword in their search, and how many web pages appear in the search. You want a high number using the keyword, and a low number of results.

If you want more sophisticated software, then you can register with, or purchase, one of the many keyword analysis tools on the market. Some are used by subscription, and others you purchase outright. The choice is yours, but keep in mind that your objective is to find a keyword that accurately describes your website, and that has not yet been taken by somebody else as a domain. This can be a long job. It could take several days of work for you to find an available name that suits your site.

Ultimately, if you know how to carry out keyword analysis and how to choose a domain name that accurately describes your website, then you are one step ahead of your competitors. However, you may find that you must be flexible, and if something has to change make it your website name, not the domain. Your preferred site name can be used for an internal page, but the home page must have the same title as your domain for best results.

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