Assisted Living: Living With Care

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Assisted living help people who need assistance with their daily activities and let them live independently as long as possible. The residents living there are not able to manage their life on their own but that does not mean they need constant help with each job.

For each specific resident they come out with specific assistance plan which they would follow. This way they customize their service plans to give a personal touch to each one. And so does this plan change at regular interval if any change is seen in person's condition which is obvious as he grows older.

Assisted Living is not Nursing Home

Nursing homes have been designed keeping in mind their residents who are fragile and have intense medical condition. Whereas assisted caring homes have people who can take care of themselves except few activities associated with them. Assisted living comes into the picture only when person needs helps with preparing his meals, medication management, memory loss, and when they are not able to keep their home managed.

Services and Activities

Residents living here have got lot of activities which they can participate in. And it is not mandatory to be a part of it but most of them are always ready to participate and have fun. One great advantage of such type of arrangement is everyone can sit together and share their thoughts and talk on their interests. Rather than driving around and finding your friend which they can no longer do, it is easier for them to meet their friends who is always available at a distance of few meters. They don't feel burden which some of them might have experienced in the past before becoming part of this society. When they need to see a doctor, it is taken care by the staff and so are they when they need a hair cut.

They are taken to short trips or even extended with their resident friends. There are even classes, games, exercises offered to them which they never thought of doing but suddenly they see a change doing them.


Most of the senior people do require a vigilant eye and so does these facilities provide. It's not constant supervision but independence with little observation.


The fact is aging brings loneliness and senior people feel isolated due to their age and children living away. Their children might be busy with their own life and tend to forget them. And hence the greatest advantage with assisted living is companionship. People there have similar thoughts and memories and when they touch each other with same talks it is a handshake of hearts which they always wanted.

There is so many services that such senior homes can offer to our elders that a little help to them could make a big change in their lives.

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