Orchid Care - Positioning, Temperature & Watering

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Growing a breathtakingly beautiful orchid can be a very rewarding experience as well as a challenging one. There are many enthusiasts out there trying to grow the perfect orchid, however, many an enthusiast has been let frustrated in trying to achieve such an objective.

If you haven't already bought your orchid, the best place to do so is at a nursery which specialises in orchids. You will find that the staff at these specialist nurseries will have many year's of experience and plenty of enthusiasm. They will be able to point you in the right direction of where you need to start. If you do find a knowledgeable member of staff be sure to remember their name so you can get some advice if you need it in the future.

Orchid care is much more an art than a science so there are no strict rules that you should follow. There is, however, advice that you can use to assist you until you become more experienced.


The best site to place the orchid is in a well lit position as good levels of light are required. Avoiding direct sunlight is also necessary as too much light can lead to leaf scorch. If the leaves begin to go a reddish color then this is a sign of too much light and you should try and introduce some shade to bring the leaf temperature down.


Orchids generally like a warm position with temperatures of more than 50°F. For orchids sold in general garden centers, temperatures usually range from 50°F to 60°F. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous then do some research and grow an orchid which requires temperatures of 65°F throughout the year.


The correct amount of watering required is hard to judge. As there is a tendency to provide too much light for your orchid, it is also common for the orchid to be over watered. Orchids require much less water than most people imagine. You will be required to water more in the summer than you need to in the winter. You should use rainwater where possible as this is more desirable than tap water. Consider introducing a rainharvesting system into your garden so that you always have a sufficient supply of rainwater. If you aren't sure whether your plant requires watering it is probably best if you hold off and wait as orchids can survive mild drought like conditions.

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