Get Back Together With Ex Lover - Can I Get My Ex Back Even if the Situation Seems Impossible

by Allan Lim - Date: 2008-06-19 - Word Count: 270 Share This!


Is it really possible to get back together with ex lover? What if the situation seems impossible? Perhaps I should just give up and move on?

Well, perhaps you may think that your situation is really impossible and you really feel like giving up. However, you shouldn't give up hope so easily. There are probably many people who are in a similar or even worse situation than you. Yet, they still manage to overcome their challenges and get their ex back.

If you think your situation is impossible, perhaps you have made some of those mistakes mentioned below? If you have, don't worry too much at the moment. There are still things you can do to reverse the situation.

1) Calling your ex over and over again

Perhaps your ex lover has been avoiding you? So, in an attempt to get him/her to talk to you, you tried calling him/her. You get no answer. So you keep on calling him/her over and over again.

Try not to do that. This only serves to irritate him/her and will only make him/her want to avoid you even more.

2) Trying to convince him/her that you have done nothing wrong

This is also something you don't want to do. The fact is people do not like to be wrong. If you keep on insisting that you are not wrong, it is indirectly implying that he/she is wrong. This will only make the situation worse.

3) Saying you love him/her

This is also something you don't want to do. He/she will think you are desperate and will want to go away even more.


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