Ps3, Xbox360, Wii - the Journey is Scintillating

by Adam Jaylin - Date: 2006-12-16 - Word Count: 265 Share This!

Gadgets & gizmos are perhaps the biggest fascinators in UK right now. The way gadgets and gizmos are taking over our lives, it won't be immature to say gadgets, gizmos and toys would rule the earth sooner than later.

PS3 (We don't have it yet however the storm wont take long to arrive), XBOX, XBOX 360, the list is seemingly endless. And ask the fanatics their opinion on these gizmos and they would let you without a pinch of overconfidence that Christmas should be shifted to the date PS was invented. As I read somewhere "These games & gadgets are the passion of today and the religion of tomorrow". And as I have already explained this IS very true.

And if you touch the topic of toys you are in murky waters for sure. The toys of today were the scientific invention of the century during our times. (And I am not very old, so I hope you get the drift now). Some of these toys are so advanced and sophisticated that you only need a "Child" to operate them. The big bad world of toys, gadgets and gizmos is crazy nowadays.

When I call it the "Big bad world" is it not amazing how all of us disagree. Toys are more or less the entire world of a child and how can one dare say anything against them.

This is exactly what I mean. Do not ever from now on underestimate the importance or more importantly power of toys, gadgets and gizmos. Remember you may not even live long enough to see their entire effect.

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