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by Jim DeSantis - Date: 2007-12-11 - Word Count: 571 Share This!

My blog readers know I am always looking for easy ways to make a few bucks here and a few bucks there without doing a ton of work. The PPP revolution is kicking off in February of 2008. It's free to sign up and takes advantage of the switch by advertisers from the Major TV networks to small websites and blogs on the web.

What is PPP? It's "Pay Per Play". Essentially it's a 5-second audio ad that plays as soon as your website or blog is opened by a visitor. Each ad is tied to your content, much like Google Adsense, except the visitor doesn't have to click anything. It is truly auto pilot at its best. In a hurry? See my Author Box below.

I am a former broadcast journalist. I predicted that the TV networks were going to see a drop in viewers with the advent of Cable TV. That was a no-brainer. But, I also predicted that they would lose ad revenue to Cable and to the Internet as more and more homes hooked up to both. Unfortunately for me, I never thought of how to capitalize on the shift that has taken place as I predicted.

In recent years, advertisers have been secretly placing products and ads in Hollywood movies through computer editing. They have gone back through older movies and, by computer editing, inserted products and ads that were not there in the original version of the flick. They are usually in the backround but visible nonetheless.

Now, thanks to some shrewd thinkers, PPP has been developed and major advertisers are signing up in droves. It launches in February of 2008 but, for a limited time, they are signing up website and blog owners right now. The more they can get to sign up, the more they can charge for ad placement, the more money website and blog owners can earn for doing absolutely nothing.

You can bet that slots will fill fast. Several of my webmaster friends signed up the same day I told them about it and they are contacting their email lists as I write this.

There is a concern about annoying website/blog visitors. I placed their "test" file on one of my blogs for a week and got zero negative feedback because the ad only plays for 5 seconds. But, if your particular audience objects, you can simply remove PPP.

They claim (but don't name) that one of the top five search engines has partnered with PPP. This should benefit websites and blogs who are signed up with PPP just as Google Adsense does. Of course, that remains to be seen but, since sign up is free, there is nothing to lose.

PPP works on a bid management system similar to Google Adwords and will compensate publishers just like Google Adsense but with one critical difference - website and blog owners will earn revenue on 100% of their traffic with no clicks necessary! In case you don't know what Adwords is about, it's a program where advertisers bid on keywords that visitors are likely to click on when those keywords are searched or put in an advertisement. Part of the amount they pay, when their ad is clicked, gets paid to the website or blog owner who allows the ad to appear. PPP does exactly the same thing but without the clicks by visitors.

Yours for success.
Jim DeSantis

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