Attraction Is Easier Than You Think

by Alex Coulson - Date: 2006-12-30 - Word Count: 750 Share This!

I hate to admit it and I'm guessing you do too…

Males being as proud as we are would prefer to suffer in silence than to voice a pain, a relationship issue, a sexual health concern, any challenge that may involve emotions.

Society raises men to be emotionless structures in the system to bear the hardships, the work that breaks backs, and all other duties 'delegated' to us men.

We are the supposed stronger gender after all.

Ironically women are brought into our social society with the opposite ideals. As girls they are raised in the world of media, Think Cleo, Cosmopolitan, Girlfriend.

They are taught its natural and normal to learn how to flirt, tease, gossip. what is the best way to meet men, 'how to make him buy you flowers and expensive presents', how to get guys to commit.

Exchanging sexual health issues and personal development is an open and free discussion.

Men if they seek out personal development they are socially inept, if they need dating tips then they are loveless geeks.

If they're curious on ways to flirt they're considered predatory seducers, either way we are discouraged from learning these life-changing skills and branded a stereotype if we seek them out.

Let me introduce the 'sexually frustrated male'…

This is not a rant, I'm not normally negative however I feel that society, and especially the media is unjust in this issue.

My own lonely experience to learning these facts and exposing myself to the unjust dating scene I learned a few handy things on the way.

What is attraction?

The force that brings two people together? The mystical connection we notice in another on the first meet? The co-joining of forces that are mutually exclusive and in-separable?

There's no definition that gives it justice.

Have you ever wondered why men who have nothing going for them can attract hot women and even to an extent that women are actually obsessed with them?

Be honest with yourself here, have you ever seen a beautiful woman with a not so good looking guy?

He may have been bald or losing his hair, short, fat and strangely enough still be able to have a smoking little bunny as girlfriend or FB (friend with benefits).

The works of attraction can be traced to VALUE...

Value is something which is considered of high worth by another, obviously it differs from individual to individual, a valuable trait which is attractive to one person may not be as attractive to another.

However there are a set of traits which are universally attractive to 98% of people and especially women. Strangely enough attraction is all about conveying these traits subtlety.








-Survival Instincts

These traits can be conveyed through two channels; Appearance and Demonstration


You can appear to have the trait by emulating someone who demonstrates it effectively. Acting does come into play and now is the perfect time to become familiar with the phrase 'fake it till you make it'.

If you appear dominant, people will perceive you as a dominant person and allow you to take charge and lead, the same is applicable with the rest of the traits. Your beliefs are contagious, if you think they'll work they will. Later we will discuss some tactics to help mask low-confidence and fear.

A simpler exercise is to observe people who possess some of the above traits and take note on how they act and interact with others

How do others treat him?

Is he popular?

Most importantly can you see yourself possessing these traits? Even if it means putting on a false front and being somebody your not (just for a little while). The aim of this book is to change you but for the better. You need to be able to recognize that the traits that make up "you" are either not working when it comes to seduction or they are masked by emotions like fear and other insecurities.


Take some comedy classes and watch Gilbert & Sullivan. Simply put, another way of conveying a trait is by actively demonstrating it.

Tell a joke and your funny, tell 10 jokes and you're a funny person. people will believe you have an 'attraction trait' (even though you may not really) if you demonstrate it through words and gestures.

This even applies to 'borrowing' stories and jokes from other people (and everybody does it), even though they may not be yours, you can tell it as if it was and people will perceive you as possessing the traits conveyed in the story.

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I'll see you soon

In your corner Alex

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